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How exciting. Tagging! I was tagged by Brooke @ Blushing Noir. :) I have to tell you 11 things about myself, then answer some questions Brooke asked (11 of them, imagine that!).

11 Things About Alyson…

– I am a bit ambidextrous.
– My favorite sports to watch are equestrian sports (especially show jumping) and hockey.
– I’m obsessed with Bubbies pickles. They’re the greatest pickles ever. They’re SUPER sour and yummy.
– I like to sleep with a fan on because I like the noise and breeze; it helps me sleep.
– I’m an only child.
– I have a boyfriend named Nick (aka Mr. Boyfriend here on the blog!). We’ve been together 4 1/2 years.
– I work for a marketing agency in charge of two brands. One of which is Caboodles! Yes, the boxes from when we were little. :)
– When I was a little kid I was obsessed with dinosaurs and wanted to be a paleontologist.
– I also write (and have published some) poetry.
– I’m definitely a cat person. I have 2, Sienna and Sebastien.
– Je parle Francais. :)

Now the questions from Brooke that I get to answer are…

1) What is your biggest beauty regret? 

Eh, luckily most things with beauty are temporary – hair grows back, etc. But I wish I hadn’t plucked the hell outta my eyebrows in my earlier teens because growing them back takes forever. They’re okay now but I had “bleh” eyebrows for such a long time!

2) Who is your favorite person to watch tutorials by on YouTube?

Oh this one’s easy! The Pixiwoo girls! I have such a crush on Sam & Nic both! :)

3) What is your favorite blog to read that most people might not know about?

This one I really don’t know the answer to. I don’t read too many that aren’t well-known?

4) When did you discover your love of beauty?

Not until my late teens actually. Although a friend in high school took me to MAC and Sephora for the first time. Talk about culture shock!

5) The house is on fire!  All living things are out safely, what do you grab, beauty wise?

The drawer with my LE packaging MAC lipstick collection, I guess. So many of them were so hard to find! But I’m also tempted to say my Kevin James Bennett Royal & Langnickel brush set because it’s a very limited production and is very special to me. You can’t get it anywhere and it carries a lot of memories. :)

6) What do you grab non-beauty wise (from #5)?

My laptop & phone. All my records & photos are on those two devices and they’re usually not far apart.

7) Do you tell people when they are making a beauty mistake?

If a friend had lipstick on her teeth or something I’d tell her, but I don’t know if I’d say like “hey your blush makes you look like a harlot” lol. Luckily I haven’t really been in that situation.

8. How do you break the news to them (from #7)?

Just quick and matter of fact “hey, you have lipstick on your teeth thought you’d like to know”.

9) Who inspires you? (can be beauty or not)

My mom, other successful women. The beauty industry is full of amazing women. ;)

10) What is your favorite neutral eye shadow?

Seriously? Okay if I have to choose one, Wet ‘n Wild Brulee. It’s matte off white. The most versatile thing ever. I use it almost every single day.

11) What is your favorite holographic nail polish?

I don’t have very many, but I love China Glaze IDK.


Alright, I tag anyone who wants to do this. I know the tag “rules” say you have to pick 11 people, but I’m a rule breaker. ;) If you see this and want to do it, lmk! The questions you have to answer are…

1.) What beauty brand do you own the most of?
2.) If you had to choose, lipstick or lipgloss?
3.) Have you ever had a beauty disaster (bad hair cut, burned at the waxer, etc)?
4.) Do you prefer pre-made palettes or homemade palettes?
5.) What is your most prized possession of your beauty stash?
6.) Do you collect any beauty products? What about non-beauty items?
7.) What is your favorite beverage?
8.) What kind of phone do you have and what is the design of your phone cover?
9.) What’s a beauty product that you love but most people don’t?
10.) What’s on your nails right at this very moment?
11.) What’s the oldest thing in your stash and how old is it?

If you do the tag w/ my questions lmk so I can link to you! :D

Ashleigh of Put Your Best Brush Forward did my tag…how about you?


  1. yay you did it! LOL I’m an only child too!  wooooooo!

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