A Dupe For The Makeup Eraser

If you’re a makeup enthusiast, or makeup artist with an internet connection, you’ve¬†probably¬†seen this ad or something similar to it:


You’ve probably also seen the videos of women with full faces of makeup on impressively removing it with just this magical pink cloth. But when they started describing the properties of the cloth– soft, with a short side and a longer side, it reminded me of something. It reminded me of the microfiber cloth I got at the dollar store to clean my stainless steel with.


So I decided to dig that cloth out from under the sink and toss it in the wash and give it a try. The instructions for The Makeup Eraser are–

1. Wash before using.

2. Wet with warm water (and wring out excess).

3. Using the shorter side, remove makeup by rubbing gently in a circular motion.

4. Wait for chorus of angels and your life to change, evidently.

So I decided to do the exact same thing with my microfiber cloth from the dollar store. And you know what happened?

My makeup came off. Easily. With water. No choir of angels though. But that means you can take your makeup off with a microfiber cloth. You don’t need to spend $20 on The Makeup Eraser. Just go to the dollar store, girls!


  1. Samantha says

    Hey Aly!

    This item from daiso also works great! (I found the picture from an ebay listing)


  2. Rhonda says

    Maybe you can, but microfiber is VERY drying to the skin. Have you ever handled a dry microfiber cloth? It feels like velcro. And it does not wash well. It falls apart quickly. How do your hands feel after cleaning with a microfiber cloth for a little while? They are very dry, and rough. Now, do you really want that feeling on your face? Makeup Eraser is sooooooo soft and will not dry your skin like microfiber.

    • Alyson says

      I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess you sell the makeup eraser? Anyway, I’ve never experienced any drying w/ the cloth even while cleaning. My guess is that it would have more to do with whatever was on the cloth (be it cleanser or whatever) that caused the drying you describe.

      • cymone says

        I dont know what kind of microfiber clothe Rhonda uses, but i have never seen one that fell apart, they are well made, i use them to clean the kitchen, bathroom, floors, cars, when even washed with bleach they do not change color.
        they are also the best thing to use to wipe the inside of your car, and soak up spills real good. one clothe can last you for years

  3. Karen says

    If you want variety, go to a fabric store and buy a small amount of microfiber of your choice & cut to size of your liking. Can either fold over & sew the edges, leave them alone or use sewing glue along the edges for a clean finish. Be creative if you like using this product and give friends & family something you can make yourself! I did purchase one of these to support a family member but I can’t get into this method of cleansing. Baby shampoo is also great for removing waterproof makeup & very gentle to your skin.

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