A Personal Triumph – Red Lips

I, like many women, have a bit of an “issue” with red lipstick. I always seem to feel overdone, or clownish, or *insert adjective that makes me self conscious here*. So I decided to just go for it and rock a red lipstick to work the other day. And a really big ugly fleece coat. Seriously though, my office is freezing and sometimes you have to sacrafice fashion in order to be…well, not freezing your ta-tas off.

I half-assed my eyebrows that day and my hair was gross and needed a wash, so I cropped most of that out. :P The lighting in my office washed out the rest of my makeup, but you’ll just have to suspend your disbelief and trust me that I’m wearing MAC Warm Soul blush and an eyelook with the Dior Goldfever quint. God only knows what mascara that was. I have a few open tubes right now.

ANYWAY. And of course, the red. It’s MAC Queen’s Sin which was limited edition during Holiday ’07. I can’t believe Holiday ’08 is already here, since it seems like this lipstick came out yesterday.

Go out and wear red, ladies.


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