Pesky allergies are keeping me from my makeup fetish right now. I just don’t have the motivation to deal with much in the way of makeup when I can’t even wear mascara without my eyes turning devilish red and puffing up.

As to the latest in makeup…I haven’t picked up any of the MAC Cremesheen or Ungaro collections. Frankly, Ungaro looks boring. And Cremesheen isn’t limited edition so I’m in no rush. But hey, it means free ship codes for all of you lovely people. That’s something to cheer about eh?

Speaking of shipping. I splurged a little on Cherry Culture’s free shipping weekend and ordered 10 NYX round lipsticks. At a dollar each I figured I could go a little nuts. I would normally never buy this many of anything at once. I now own 11 NYX lipsticks, haha. I have:

Paris (already had)

and I have more coming in swaps. Hooray! I do plan on taking pics and doing reviews asap. Sorry about the delay and my laziness, guys! I’ve been crazy busy with work and other stuff in my personal life and haven’t had time to keep this blog as updated as I would normally like!

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