American Beauty Ultimate Diamond Foundation

Goodness I haven’t been this obsessed with a foundation since I discovered MUFE HD. And that’s saying something. I’ve been holding out on you guys! I’ve been testing this stuff for a couple of months already, but I was sworn to secrecy until it launched in stores.
The foundation’s full name is American Beauty Ultimate Diamond Luminous Mineral Foundation SPF 15. Long name, worth getting through. The foundation is a liquid mineral foundation infused with actual diamond powder (very very finely milled). As you may remember from my review of the pure diamond powder from Purely Cosmetics, diamond powder softens the look of lines and pores for a smooth finish. As it says in the name there is also the added benefit of SPF 15 (physical sunscreen).
The actual foundation itself is just gorgeous. There are 7 shades, including one light enough for the pasty likes of yours truly, which is fantastic. It’s liquid, but not runny. The packaging is a nice sanitary squeeze tube, and a good size. The finish is luminous without looking sweaty or shiny, even though I have combo to oily skin. I always set it with a good powder though. The coverage is fairly sheer, but I just use concealer on spots I need to, and set the whole thing with powder and I’m good to go.
Don’t have combo to oily skin? Well I also used this foundation on my mom recently, who I suppose has “mature” skin (I have to be careful about how I word this since my mom will probably read it! Hi Mom!) that doesn’t really get particularly dry or oily, just a tiny bit shiny towards the end of the day, and she loved it too. She even told me how much she loved it without me asking her. This declaration astounds me as my mom has always been staunchly anti-foundation. So shoot, if I can convert her with this, you should give it a try too!
American Beauty Ultimate Diamond Luminous Mineral Foundation can be purchased at Kohls stores and at and retails for $25.
Application Tip #1: I recommend applying this with a dry or slightly damp sponge. Apply it quickly, “buffing” it on in small circles to blend, and stippling (a light, quick, stamping motion) over areas that need more coverage. Set the whole thing with a little lightweight powder (translucent if you prefer) and you are good to go.
Application Tip #2: If you’re really loving the soft focused look from this foundation and want even more of that loveliness in your life, American Beauty also makes an Ultimate Diamond moisturizer. You can use the moisturizer, the foundation, and then set it with the pure stuff “straight up” from Purely Cosmetics! Note: Purely Cosmetics’ powder is completely translucent and colorless. It softens lines and pores but is not shiny, so don’t worry about looking too shiny.


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