Yesterday I called Estee Lauder’s Gone But Not Forgotten hotline on a mission. And that mission was to find a Bobbi Brown Stonewashed Nudes palette. Yeah, that Stonewashed Nudes palette. The same one going for $75+ on Ebay. I know…it’s a pie in the sky thing for me, but it’s beautiful. Theoretically since it was limited edition they shouldn’t search for it, but the woman I spoke to said they could!

It’s a shame I’m only just now discovering Bobbi Brown! I played with some of the shadows at the CCO last week and they were absolutely beautiful! And so I wait. *eyes phone* And wait.

I’ve had absolutely no good mail lately, either. Nothing good since last week! Not even any interesting coupons have come in the mail. Something better come today or I’ll go crazy! :P

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