I suck at being a blogger right now, totally! I haven’t posted much in the way of updates lately and I apologize. I’ve actually had terrible writer’s block. Annoying, huh? Plus I’ve been super busy packing & invoicing, etc. ;) There’s still lots of awesome stuff to grab from the blog sale, and more to come including some more MAC stuffs. I know you looove the MAC, haha.

Speaking of MAC, my Love Lace goodies came, but I am not at the point to review any of them yet. Still playing around. I can already say I really do love kohl powers though. I have 3 (maybe 4?) and they’re pretty nice. Not the right product for a super crisp line, but they glide on so smoothly…

ANYWAY. I haven’t had a chance to check out any of the other new launches from MAC lately, which is kinda lame and sad but I’m broke etc. so I don’t want to go look at the pretties I can’t buy! But if you want me to I will, just for you, because I love you that much. ;) And because I have a secret love affair with lip gelees. I have seen the swatches of these bad boys (or are lip gelees girls?) from Karla’s wonderful swatch blog, and these are SPARKLY. They’re like…dazzleglass + lip gelee = dazzlegelee! (MAC, feel free to call me and offer royalties on that term…)

That’s pretty much it for now. <3


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