August Favorites

It’s been a while since I’ve done a ‘favorites’ post, but it seems you all like them so here we go. Here’s what I was reaching for the most during the month of August. :)

MAC Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15
This product from MAC doesn’t get a whole lot of attention that I’ve noticed, but I absolutely love it. It’s sheer and light enough that it works on my pale as heck complexion and just gives me a little even-ness to my skintone.  I wear it in Light, as if that weren’t obvious haha. MAC describes it as “soft pale beige” and I agree with that. It’s not particularly pinkish or yellowish. I think it would work on just about anyone with fair skin. Since August has been hot, I haven’t wanted to wear a lot of heavy foundation. When I’m just running around doing errands I grab for this. There’s no chemical sunscreen, hooray!
$29.50 – available at MAC, and wherever MAC is sold

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation
Whereas the Studio Moisture Tint doesn’t get much attention, this is a MAC cult classic. Studio Fix powder gives matte full coverage. I know it doesn’t agree with a lot of people’s skin, but mine thinks it’s just dandy. I wear shade N3, which is a great match during summer. When I get a little lighter during winter months I’ll tap a little Studio Fix Shivering White over it. Shivering White is a pro product. It’s a Studio Fix powder color corrector. It’s solid white, but it is not a white foundation in the sense that if you use it alone it will not give you solid white geisha-like skin. It just helps lighten N3 when I’m a tiny bit lighter. I’ve been wearing this whenever I actually need coverage because it doesn’t budge and it covers everything. Everything. 
$26 – available at MAC, and wherever MAC is sold

Purely Cosmetics Oil Absorb Powder
Just try and get me to shut up about this miracle powder. Apply it in the morning, done. No touch-ups. All day. Oily t-zone? What’s that? Seriously. That’s all I really need to say. It’s just amazing. Try it yourself on the 18th when Purely Cosmetics is having their Anniversary Promo!
$16 – available only at Purely Cosmetics

MAC Lipglass in Perennial High Style
I don’t have a link to this one because it was a limited edition color and is gone “forever” until MAC decides to re-release it or recycle it (release it with a different name pretending it’s new). This one came out with the Liberty of London collection and…why wasn’t anyone talking about it? It was the gloss accompaniment to Ever Hip lipstick, which everyone went cuckoo for. Perennial High Style has a bit more pink than Ever Hip to my eye, but I absolutely love this color. It instantly brightens my whole face when I apply it, and goes with a variety of looks. I purchased it as kind of an afterthought, but boy am I glad. If you can get your paws on this one, grab it.

Wearing Perennial High Style lipglass

MAC Lipglass in Rayothon
Another discontinued item. Sorry guys! I have been shopping around in my stash lately and grabbed this beauty to rediscover. I’ve been wearing it a lot ever since. It was originally released in 2005 with the Belle Azure collection. If you’re not familiar with the color, it’s a pink with some peachy undertones and gold shimmer. Very fun for summer, and very flattering. Again, if you can get your paws on this– get it! If you’re looking for something similar, try MAC Lipglass in Nymphette.

Hard Candy Blush in Living Doll
I had to force myself to put this down and use some of my other blushes, I was using it that much. It’s a baked blush, very similar to MAC’s mineralized blushes. The color is a luminous dolly pink with some gold veining that adds such a beautiful highlight and warmth to the overall effect. I got this in a swap and it was sooooo worth it! But you can get it in stores still, so check that out if you’re looking for a very pretty and wearable pink blush.
$7 – available only at Walmart

Revlon Superlustrous Lip Gloss in Peach Petal
I could not find a link to buy this online, but it’s not limited edition so check your drugstores. The formula of Revlon’s Superlustrous glosses is really nice– smooth, moisturizing, not sticky at all, but up until recently I wasn’t too impressed with the color range. Then came Spring and the Daydreamer collection. Peach Petal is a very pale, very milky pinky peach shade. It’s in the same family as MAC’s Underage and C-Thru. This is another gloss I have been reaching for over and over and over this summer. Check out Pinkiecharm’s review on Youtube.
$6ish – most drugstores

Bath & Body Works Shower Gel in Pear
This is a new scent from Bath & Body Works. For this collection they stripped things down to the simplest, one note fragrances. Pear is fresh and juicy, and very refreshing in the shower! I am considering going back for the scent mist. The lather these shower gels give is outstanding. They recently reformulated (again) and I am thrilled to report that the results are fabulous.
$10.50 – Bath & Body Works

What have you been loving on lately? Tell me in the comments!

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