Avon Product of the Week: BCA Collection 2013


I really wanted to share the Avon Breast Cancer Awareness items for 2013. One of the reasons I really wanted to share this collection is because 100% of the net profits are donated (in other words, they aren’t making any profit – they’re just covering the cost of making the items). The items are all very affordable, and Avon tells you right there exactly what amount from your purchase is getting donated.

Links to the Individual Products:

BCA Ornament, $7.50
BCA Crusade Pin, $3.00
BCA Necklace, $5
BCA Cosmetic Bag, $5
BCA Tennis Bracelet, $5

All of these BCA items are available for purchase at my Avon Boutique, where you can also get free shipping with your $30+ order with the code FS30REP.

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