Skin Care I’ve Been Loving Lately

It’s been a little while since I’ve really talked skin care and that’s because since around March (honestly, right before The Makeup Show LA – great timing right?!) I’ve been struggling! I don’t really know why, but my skin that had been pretty much low maintenance and breakout-free decided to start breaking out. Super! However my skin wasn’t any more oily…it was still dry, just now with breakouts.

Awesome. So I kind of started at ground zero and redid my skin care routine. Here are the products I’ve been using that are really helping.

Um, I am lazy. I keep a cleanser in the shower and another one by the sink. God forbid I have to grab my cleanser and move it around depending on where I’m washing my face, right? Right. In the shower I have emerginC Kombucha Cleanser, which I reviewed in full so I won’t get in to. By the sink I have Yes to Cucumbers Facial Cleansing Gel. Both cleansers are lightweight and very gentle, remove makeup well, and don’t leave my skin feeling dry or tight. I purposefully don’t use a cleanser geared toward fighting breakouts as I have yet to try one that isn’t mega drying. I prefer to just let cleansers be cleansers. You’re rinsing it off anyway; it’s more effective to apply spot treatments that stay on your skin.

I don’t always exfoliate, but when I do…I really love my MAC Volcanic Ash exfoliator. It’s discontinued because it was limited edition, but since I’m a crazy hoarder I have plenty. I save it for special occasions aka when my skin is total shit. It’s great for making my skin baby butt soft and smooth and seems to help clear up breakouts. I exfoliate every other day. When I’m in the shower I’ll use Simple’s Exfoliating Scrub. Mr. Boyfriend and I both use that scrub. It’s non-drying and pretty good.

Before I apply my makeup I spray my face with MAC Fix+. It contains caffeine and helps wake up my face first thing in the morning. I kind of pat it mostly in and then apply Embryolisse Lait Creme. This moisturizer wears SO well under makeup. This combo is fantastic and I’ve really been loving it. For evening, I apply The Body Shop‘s Vitamin E cream. I’m experimenting with using Beauty Without Cruelty‘s AHA lotion every other night too. It feels wonderful on my skin but smells icky. Full review coming later.

Clickr Acne Spot Serum
I’m sure if you’ve used any acne fighting products before, you know just how drying typical acne products are! I was really not looking forward to not only having to fight breakouts but also fend off dry patches. I have zero tolerance for benzoyl peroxide anymore it seems; my skin just gets extremely dry and itchy whenever I attempt to use it. Salicylic Acid (BHA) is the other common acne fighting treatment, but it seemed ineffective this time around too. I turned to Twitter, venting my frustrations. The darlings at Clickr heard my cry for help and generously offered to send me their Acne Serum to review!

If you have breakouts and sensitive and/or dry skin, TRY THIS PRODUCT. It has no benzoyl peroxide and clears up blemishes practically overnight. NO dryness. NO irritation. BRILLIANT. It’s also vegan, if that is something you are interested in.  The active ingredients are salicylic acid sourced from willow bark, lactic acid sourced from sugar, and something ClickR calls “bacterialsidal” – basically boils down to an antiseptic. People sometimes forget I think that breakouts are very tiny localized infections that need to be kept bacteria-free zones! But not ClickR, they have you covered. You can get ClickR from their website, and this serum is $20.

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