Bath & Body Works Fall Haul

Okay, y’all know I love me some Bath & Body Works, and the fall scents are usually my favorites. I stopped in today for one reason: Winter Candy the heck outta Winter Candy Apple! So when I heard it was back in stores, I knew it was time to stock up. I still have fragrance mist from last year, but I just finished up the last bit of shower gel. Perfect timing.

Also, I just watched Irene/Pinkiecharm‘s review of the fall offerings, and Honey Autumn Apple was calling to me. ;) So here’s all of what I got, and what I think of the fragrances!

Honey Autumn Apple

Holy delicious apple scent, Batman! I like that (similar to Winter Candy Apple) it’s not just pure apple but also has a warmth and a depth to it. The other notes in the fragrance are nectarine and (get ready for it) honey. Honey is a weird fragrance note for me. Depending on what’s with it, I either love it or hate it. In this fragrance I really love it – I got both the shower gel and the lotion. If scents that mix vanilla in to sweeten the notes aren’t your cup of tea, the more subtle approach from honey might be more to your liking. The nectarine… eh. I guess it’s there? But it really just adds a tiny hint of tartness to a fragrance that is dominated by apple.

Dreamy Vanilla Woods

I wasn’t expecting to like this one. In her review, Irene describes this one as having prominent woody notes, which to me can often go horribly wrong. One of my least favorite scents in the world is sandalwood. EWW. But I was pleasantly surprised by this. Of course you get a hefty dose of vanilla (one would hope!), but to me the woods aren’t quite as strong. There is a strong orchid note that I love. I would describe this fragrance as Enchanted Orchid and Warm Vanilla Sugar had a baby. The result is a more mature, calmed down vanilla without the buttery undertones of Warm Vanilla Sugar. The woods are definitely there, but to me they just smell clean– almost soapy even. Like fresh laundry. So basically…yummy sweet vanilla, with orchids and laundry. Big thumbs up. Orchid-based scents are great for those who don’t think they like florals, I’ve decided. I just got the shower gel in this scent but I’ve already added the creamy body scrub to my Amazon wishlist for later. ;)

 Pink Chiffon

Pink Chiffon is nothing new to me – somehow I ended up with a mini lotion a while back which took up residence in my work desk while I was with the agency doing the social media for Caboodles. My whole office knew every time I used it because they could all smell the lotion. It explodes with girly fruity sweetness. It’s not subtle. At all. If you like fragrances like those by Juicy Couture, Pink Sugar, or Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea, try Pink Chiffon. It’s also orchid-based, but orchid combined with a gazillion different bright tart fruits. It’s pink, it’s sweet. It’s fruity. It’s A GIRL. This is the fragrance to wear if you want to make the men around you feel less manly just by being near you. But don’t worry if you hated Aquolina Pink Sugar…Pink Chiffon is not nearly as powdery or cloying. I got the shower gel after really enjoying the lotion, but if you really want a treat I highly recommend going the bubble bath route and stashing it for at-home spa days. Kicking myself for not thinking of that in the store. Brilliant, Alyson.

Winter Candy Apple

Winter Candy Apple!!! MARRY ME!!! Winter Candy Apple combines apple with caramel, orange, and spice. The orange is more in the orange blossom sense and not in the bright, dominating tart sense. The caramel and spice warm this bad boy up and make it feel cozy. Apples? Cozy? Heck yes. I just got the shower gel today, but that’s because I have 2 bottles of fragrance mist (one large and one mini!), a lip gloss, and a pocket bac. Gotta stay reasonable…kinda.

But wait, there’s more!

I think there’s an ordinance that you can’t leave Bath & Body Works without buying at least one candle. Just me? Their little baby mini candles were 2/$5, so HOW COULD I RESIST?


Slatkin’s Cider Lane mixes crisp apple with caramel and a touch of spice. Heaven. If you like Winter Candy Apple or Honey Autumn Apple you’ll probably like Cider Lane too. These little mini babies often don’t have a whole lot of throw but I like to burn them at my desk when I’m working or sipping a latté in the morning. So nice. And last but not least, Cinnamon Sugared Donut is a totally unexpected gem. I usually don’t care much for bakery scents because to me they all end up smelling like they came from Paula Deen’s castle in the sky made of butter. So when I sniffed Cinnamon Sugared Donut and didn’t want to run for the hills, I had to go back for a second whiff. It’s cinnamon, vanilla, and sugar. NO buttery bakery note. Much win. So it came home with me.

The little mini candles are so cuuuuuuute! And now that they come in little glass jars instead of plastic cuppy things, I love them even more. Someday I might do a blog post or video about my candle stash, but that might also be embarrassing soooooo…yeah. We’ll see.

If you decide to haul from Bath & Body Works, don’t forget EBATES! ;)


Errrthang in this haul was paid for with my own moneys. Except the shower gels were buy 3 get 2 free so technically 2 of those were given to me by Bath and Body Works but let’s not split hairs here. Who really likes to split hairs here anyway? We pay tons of money to have that shit cut off! Oh yeah and there’s an affiliate link in this post. Do you like the fact that my disclaimer has turned into  just a very tiny italic paragraph? Cool.

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