Bath & Body Works!

I had a Friends & Family 20% off coupon for Bath & Body Works that needed to be used today, so I went on in to treat myself to some birthday presents.

I picked up the very last bottle of Enchanted Orchid eau de toilette. If they didn’t have that sucker I was gonna cry! It was pretty much the whole reason I came. I had picked up the creamy body wash for $3 during the semi-annual sale and became quite enamoured with the scent. I really love that you can do that with BBW’s products…have the perfume, body wash, etc. all match. I like matching. :) Bath & Body Works makes some really great scents. I think because they are so mass-merchandised they get a lot of crap from “fragrance connoisseurs”, but for $20 you get a really amazing product, I think. Enchanted Orchid is the 5th BBW perfume I have added to my collection. The others I have are Sensual Amber, Velvet Tuberose, Wild Honeysuckle, and Sweet Pea.

Aside from the perfume, I grabbed a couple of the new Scentportables, which are fragrance diffusers that do not require a candle or an outlet. They have a built-in clip, too. Very cool. I immediately thought of my poor bathroom, which is where the litterbox lives. I got the scents Pineapple Mango and Vanilla Coconut. Vanilla Coconut happens to be one of my favorite BBW scents for home fragrance, so I was very excited that they chose it for Scentportables. There is only one other scent– Fresh Linen. I’m assuming that as these become more popular there will be others. They’re just $5 each!

Also worth noting is that in 4 fragrances of wallflowers, my store is now carrying a “value pack” of wallflower refills. A pack of 6 bulbs is $24. The scents are Sweet Pea, Moonlight Path, Warm Vanilla Sugar, and Sea Island Cotton.

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