Battling Beauty Doldrums

I think we’ve all run into times when we’ve had a bit of a rut in our beauty routine. Sometimes you just get bored. Or maybe you get boring. But never fear! I have some tips on battling beauty boredom (if you get really bored, try saying that 10x fast…)
Problem: I wear the same makeup every single day even though I have a ton of it.
Hey, we get into our comfy habits. Time to shake things up a little! First, start by making sure everything is put away. Sometimes I just grab whatever’s out and that’s what I use. So start with a clean slate. Then grab a couple items in each ‘category’ (eyes, lips, etc) that you have NOT been using lately. Set those out. Use those for a few days. If you discover you’re not enjoying a particular item, time to part with it. After a certain amount of time, switch the items out for other ones.
Problem: I don’t have TIME for makeup anymore!
Slapping on a little makeup before you start your day doesn’t have to take very long. Set aside your essential, die-without-them items – for me, that’s concealer, powder, some kind of blush. It might vary for you. Some gals won’t leave the house without mascara. Keep these in a prominent place. Set your alarm and wake up 5 minutes early. All it takes is about 5 minutes to apply a couple things, and if you already have them all in one place it’s even easier. Then, the last step – grab a lipcolor. You can make yourself look a lot more ‘done up’ than you really are by doing a simple plain face and a bold lip. 
Problem: I’m just not inspired.
Hey, all creative people lose their creative mojo every once and a while. Try checking out a makeup book you haven’t looked at before (or haven’t looked at in a long time), or cruise youtube for ideas. Or, watch a movie with lots of different makeup looks in it. One no one ever mentions– Speed Racer. The gals in this movie all have really cool makeup. Really! Shows like American Idol, Dancing With The Stars, and So You Think You Can Dance often have really neat inspiring makeup looks too.
Problem: I’m tired of all the stuff in my stash!
First of all, weed out the stuff you absolutely won’t use anymore and swap/sell/give/throw it away. Clutter can be very overwhelming in any arena, but especially your makeup stash! Then, read reviews of the items you have. Most of the time when I’m reading reviews, I find some new use or technique that I didn’t know about or think of. It’ll give you new things to try with the stuff you already have. Or of course, you could always pop off to Sephora and buy yourself a new pretty… ;)
Problem: I’m just lazy. I have other stuff to do.
Taking a break is fine too. No one says you have to be a beauty addict all the time. Sometimes I become a lot more interested in other things, but I come back to makeup. ;) I sometimes go on nail polish kicks where maybe I won’t wear any makeup but my manicures are flawless. Whatevs. It’s a hobby, it’s fun. Enjoy. 
Another solution I have for when I get bored with my beauty routine is to get my hair cut or colored. It’s super fun to change your look up in that way, but it’s only for the very bold since if you hate it, it does take time to go back to the way it was! 
What ways have you battled beauty boredom?? Share in the comments. :)


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