Best of Sephora – Really The Best?

Sephora has come out with their Best of Sephora winners. One thing that everyone should be aware of when reading about these winners is that they are chosen from a very small pool of nominees. Each category has about 4 or 5 products nominated, and those nominees are chosen by Sephora. I used to be under the impression that the winners were chosen from all of the products carried at Sephora, but this is definitely not the case. There may be products there that work way better for you than these do.

So now, here are my thoughts on Sephora’s winners.

Best in Complexion
As they do seemingly every year, BareMinerals (Bare Escentuals) won for best concealer, foundation, and powder. This is a quality product that works really well for a lot of people. However, for about 1/3 of the population, ths bismuth oxychloride in these products will cause an itchy allergic reaction and possibly breakouts. The people who do love their BE are die-hard fans though. My other qualm with BE is the lack of shade range. If you are pale, or on the darker end of the spectrum, there probably won’t be a good match for you.

Other winners in this category were Smashbox Photo Finish Primer and Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. Both of these again are very high quality products that just didn’t work for me at all. Photo Finish was too greasy for my oily skin (they have since come out with a ‘light’ version meant for oily skins– apparently I wasn’t the only one with this problem) and the Laura Mercier TM runs too yellow for my pinkish skin.

Best in Makeup
Seriously? This was the Smashbox & NARS show. I totally disagree with Smashbox being named best in eyeshadow. There are gazillions of brands better than Smashbox for eyeshadow. Smashbox was also named best in eyeliner. NARS took best lipstick, best blush, and best lipgloss. There are definitely better lipglosses and lipsticks out there! NARS’ lip products have a tendency to spoil very early. Best bronzer went to BeneFit Hoola. No comment about that as I do not use bronzer at all. Best mascara went to DiorShow. I like DiorShow, but it was just okay. Nothing to write home about. I’m surprised something from Lancome didn’t take that award. Their mascaras are much higher quality.

Best in Skincare
My feelings about these winners are somewhat mixed. I was very pleased although not surprised to see Philosophy Purity Made Simple won for best cleanser. That cleanser is simply awesome. But at the same time Philosophy Hope in a Jar as best moisturizer? It was a greasy stinky mess when I tried it. And the smell didn’t dissipate either! It was really gross. The winner for best eye treatment was a product by Kinerase, which is a brand I know very little about except that it’s great but very, very expensive. ;) My eye treatment (discontinued mark. Eye Be Good) cost me $2 and works just fine thanks. Bliss’ Triple Oxygen Mask won for “best skin savior”. I don’t know about savior but it certainly does perk up the skin. DDF Sulphur Mask is much more of a “savior” for me.

Okay, this one blew my mind…Bare Escentuals Rare Minerals wins for best zit-zapper? On what planet? Their premise to this product is you dab the minerals on a zit and it heals your acne. No. Freaking. Way. It’s wearing makeup to bed, people. DUH your skin looks better in the morning– you have makeup on.

The fact that Philosophy won for best shower gel and best body moisturizer is neither here nor there. Personally, I think shower gel is shower gel, etc. I don’t waste money on really expensive ones. I just buy what smells good. It all works the same. Shiseido’s SPF 55 sunscreen won for best sun shield and that product is fantastic. No qualms there.

Best in Hair
Fekkai Glossing Créme won for best hair tamer. Eh, whatever. I don’t think it really tames much at all, but it’s a fun product to give your hair more ‘slip’ and shine. Just don’t use very much at a time (a pea shaped bit for my short hair is almost too much) because it has olive oil in it and your hair will be a greasy mess if you use too much. I am a bit surprised nothing won for uh, Best Shampoo and Best Conditioner? There weren’t awards given. Mkay.

I have no opinion whatsoever on their fragrance choices as I haven’t tried them, but I’m surprised there wasn’t even a mention of Marc Jacobs Daisy.

Best Beauty Wows
My favorite product ever, Urban Decay Primer Potion, won for best cult favorite. Well duh. That’s because it’s basically liquid awesome. ;)

Smashbox O-Gloss. Okay. really? really? It won for Best Beauty Innovation. Where is the innovation in what is essentially a clear gloss that has heat-activated pigments? It’s a mood ring. Your body heat = the shade you get. Why am I so unimpressed? Because mark. cosmetics came up with this idea years ago and has been selling it for $6 compared to Smashbox’s $22. Same exact product!

So there you have it…those are my thoughts!

For the complete list of winners and nominees, click here.


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