Biolage Thermal Active Repair Cream

I try dozens of hair products, but there are certain brands that I gravitate towards when left to my own devices. One of those is definitely Biolage. For certain people there are products that just “mesh” well with their hair. Biolage and my hair are BFF. The anti-dandruff shampoo is sooo soothing for when my scalp is itchy or irritated (which often happens because it’s so sensitive!), and I love the conditioner for colored hair. Biolage products make my hair look great, smell really nice, and are easy to find (Matrix has a locator if you need help finding an authorized retailer). The Biolage Thermal Active Repair Cream just continues the great love affair I have with Biolage. I was immediately excited about it just when I read what it is designed to do:

With Cera Heat Technology, a restorative blend of ceramide and natural oil, seal a reparative active into the hair fiber for lasting strength as they help protect against high-temperature styling tools. For all hair types, seals in heat-activated repair with strengthening ceramide and moisturizing mango seed oil. Helps protect against split-ends and breakage as it reinforces the hair fiber. Delivers light control with shine and distributes heat evenly for a faster blowout.

A product that actually does more for your hair when you heat style? Sign me up, right?! Since I have fine hair, it is often prone to breakage from heat styling. I’m always interested in something to make my hair stronger while still maintaining that sleek, soft look everyone wants. The cream is actually more of a gel; it’s not very heavy at all. Again, having fine hair that is a concern for me too. Heavy styling products have a tendency to sap all the volume from my hair and leave it looking flat. I just squirt about a nickel sized amount into my palm, rub my hands together, and then apply it to my hair starting at the ends and at the back when my hair is about 75% dry. Sometimes I add a little dab more. It’s not an exact science. Then I blow dry (and sometimes flat iron) as usual.

The result? Sleek, soft hair that doesn’t feel fried from blasting it with the hair dryer. Because of it’s ‘light hold’ properties my hair tends to straighten easier with this product, too. I do definitely notice less breakage and fewer split ends. I hope those results continue to improve the longer I use this!

Biolage Thermal Active Repair Cream retails for $14 for 5.1 oz.

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