Brush Guards for a Dollar

I have mentioned before on this blog how much I love the site Buy In Coins. I still do! And now it’s for another purchase – my $1 brush guards. I paid 98 cents for them. Each pack is 1 meter of brush guard tubing; I got 2 packs, and shipping was free. $2 and I have enough to make brush guards for everything. 
I have some of the “brand name” brush guards, and these do compare. You can tell they’re cheaper (they stretch a little easier than the other ones), but for $1 they’re serving my purposes just fine. I wanted brush guards to help my brushes keep their bristles in shape, but also to protect them from getting covered in cat hair. For those purposes they work like a friggin charm! :D I only have them on my face brushes and larger shadow brushes (they’re an eensy bit big for smaller shadow brushes, and I just keep my shadow brushes under a shower cap to keep them hair free). 
Here’s pictures of my brush guards “in action”–
There’s the long tube of brush guardy goodness, and my Royal & Langnickel powder brush waiting to get its new outfit.
Measure and snip snip…
Wriggle wriggle wriggle wriggle wriggle…
Now my powder brush has a sexy “bodycon” dress. Smashing!
Overall I’m extremely happy with these! I have more than enough for all my face brushes, and extra for if they fall apart (since they’re so cheap you never know – but they have held up great so far!). If you’re curious about brush guards or just want a cheaper alternative, try these!
For those of you planning on making a purchase on Buy In Coins, if you type in my nickname “alysonwithay” as your referrer, you’ll get a small discount. I think it’s like 5%. I think I get something too but I don’t even remember lol. 
This post contains affiliate information that helps save you money. Hooray. 


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