Can’t Catch A Break

Hey all,

Sorry I’ve been totally lame at updating lately. Just dropping in to let you all know what’s up with me. Stay tuned for a few more posts as I like to keep things separate by topic.

* Face healed up just fine from my little facial debacle. ;) I just didn’t wear makeup for a few days afterward (I know, I know…it hurt) to let it kinda chill out. In my experience that’s always the best thing to do after something like that happens.

* On the 11th I went in for a ton of dental work. Root canal, wisdom tooth out…the works. And it’s not even finished. My mouth/face has been pretty sore. I haven’t been wearing that much makeup since, although I did try out some new stuff I am going to tell you about in my next post.

On a totally random note, aloe, lip balm, and mark. Electrolights lipgloss all used together are a really great treatment for a burned lip. My lip got burned during the dental work. Ouch. The mark gloss is chock full of vitamins and very thick and moisturizing. It’s discontinued but easy to find cheaply on Ebay.

A new feature has been added to the blog. It’s purely just for amusement, and may only rarely have to do with makeup, but it’s my Twitter feed. It’s the cute little pink box to the right and down a little. If you aren’t familiar with Twitter it’s like a blog for 1-liners. You can follow friends’ Twitters and respond to them too. It’s way cool. Check it out! :)


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