Carlsbad CA Estee Lauder Outlet Report

Hiyas! I’m gonna do something I haven’t done before on the blog (I think) and post a CCO report. CCO stands for “Cosmetic Company Outlet”…which is kinda weird because the store is actually called Cosmetic Company Store…but just bare with me. It’s an Estee Lauder outlet. They carry any brand owned by grandma Lauder. Not all brands are available at all locations. If you are wondering if there’s one of these outlets near you, check out Outlet Bound for more info. The discount at these outlets is a flat 30% off retail.

The outlet I went to today was the one in Carlsbad, CA. It’s about 45 minutes from where I live, and traffic is usually terrible so I don’t make the trip out very often, but I was purse shopping. Anyway, on to what they had at the outlet! I mostly took note of the MAC items, since that is what most people inquire about when I go, and probably what makes these outlets so popular.
Keep in mind that this isn’t all of what they had. It’s just what I remember from poking around. If you’re wondering about something specific you can leave a comment and ask, and I might recall it being there. :)
MAC Items
Pigments – Spiritualize, Antique Green, Viz-a-Violet, Mega Rich. There were also glitters, a hot pink and a turquoise/teal.
Quads – Tempting, Shadowy Lady (Cult of Cherry collection), Fafi #1
Palettes – Holiday ’08 warm palette, Holiday ’08 classic palette, a couple of Color Forms collection palettes, and 1 Trip collection palette (it had French Grey e/s in it and Freckletone l/s).
Eyeshadows – Warming Trend, Henna, Warm Chill, Vellum, Star By Night, Talent Pool, Top Hat, Surreal, Digit, Scene, possibly Creme de Violet but I didn’t get to look at that one. There were others. There were also a few richmetal highlighters, a couple creme shadows, and a couple of those eyeshadow suites from that collection Suite Array that was full of fail.
Mineral Eyeshadows: Famly Silver, Earthly Riches, Mercurial, Sea ‘n Sky, a few others.
I also noticed a bunch of different liquid glitter liners and several shadesticks. They had Fibre Rich Lash mascara (ick) and some brow pencils, too.
When it comes to lip stuff, they had a sort of small/lame selection of lipsticks. The only ones worth noting were Strawbaby & Utterly Frivolous from Fafi and Kanga Rouge from Dame Edna. I also remember Flowerplay (?) and Cosmo. There were 2 Holiday ’08 lip palettes, too. Also most of the Slimshines were there. I did not see many Mattenes.
Lip glosses were more plentiful; there were lip gelees, pro-longwears, lipglass, lustreglass, and plushglass.
Shades: Frozen Dream, Naked Frost, Bateaux, Love Knot, Culture Clash, Naked Space, Splendid!, Oh Oh, Cushy White, Hot Stuff, and many more.
Lip Gelees: Moistly, Lil Sizzler, Cellopink, more.
Cheek stuff – not a whole lot. There were some highlight powders from Dame Edna and Hello Kitty, and that’s about it. There were also a couple from one of those ‘haute couture’ collections…I think it was Monogram. Too spendy for me.
Brushes – TONS of brush sets. Color Forms, Royal Assets, and Red She Said brush sets. Also a selection of uninteresting regular brushes that were pretty blah.
Sets – There were a few Nordstrom exclusive sets, some holiday sets (lip bags, pigment vials, softsparkle pencils.
Nails – A large (half a dozen at least) selection of various nail polishes (including $$$ Yes and Vestral White).
Skin Care – Microfine refinisher, green gel cleanser, strobe cream, Cleanse-Off oil, a lightful moisturizer, prep + prime microfine lip refinisher, and a few other things.
Other – A huge basket of various false eyelashes.
Other Brand Stuff
The outlet also had a pretty large smattering of Flirt! lipsticks, creme eyeshadows, and various other Flirt! items, including foundation and powder. Also from the Kohls brands was a large selection of Goodskin skincare and makeup, and even some shampoo. I am pretty sure those lines are being revamped; there are lots of discontinued items right now.
This outlet has lots of Bobbi Brown, including a ton of Shimmering Nudes palettes, the Mauve face palette, and another palette that I think was called Raspberry?? And just lots and lots of other stuff from Bobbi.
I hope that helped any of you who are local to So-Cal and were thinking of taking a trip down there!


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