Coming Soon: The Makeup Show LA

It’s only a little over a month away, so I don’t think it’s too soon to tell you all how excited I am to go to The Makeup Show LA this year! TMSLA is the largest pro-only show of its kind in LA, and features exhibitors and education from some of the top pros of the industry. 
It’s a great opportunity to have all these great pro-driven brands under one roof! I’m definitely going to be hitting up Make Up For Ever, Inglot, & Crown Brush, stocking up at Embryolisse, and checking out any brands that I’m not familiar with. 
One of those that I’m not familiar with, but definitely curious about is Biobliss. They claim to have an anti-wrinkle treatment that is toxin-free and produces results in under an hour. I don’t have a huge concern with wrinkles, but a claim like that got my attention! And there’s also Michael Marcus cosmetics, a line I haven’t had the pleasure of playing with before either. Sometimes there are brands I’ve only seen online that I finally get to experience in person, like the makeup bags from Kim Greene, or the mink eyelashes by Velour. I’ve seen them on Youtube, but never in person! I’ll also be looking in at LashX, a brand that does mink lash extensions and has an interesting cleanser to go along with them (removes makeup without damaging the bonds of the extensions). By the way, both LashX and Velour lashes are cruelty free. LashX’s are synthetic mink, and Velour’s lashes are made from mink from live animals (the hairs are brushed and then sterilized). By the way, how cool would it be to have your job be just to hang out and brush little minks all day? They’re actually really cute. They look kinda like ferrets. 
Mink! Awww.
It might sound silly but I’m really excited that Kiss is going to be there as well. I’ve seen SO many blog posts and youtube videos featuring their nail decals and I can never find them in my drugstores. So for completely selfish reasons I’m excited they’ll be there. Perhaps I can stock up on goodies, and find out first-hand what stores in OC should have the adorable holiday creations Kiss releases every year. Also, T3 Micro will have a booth there and I hope (fingers crossed!) they’re doing demos with their products. I love my T3 hair dryer, but I’m always looking for tips on how to use it. What better place to learn than from T3 themselves?
If you are reading this and thinking “omg! I wanna go!”, well you can. However, this is a pro-only event so you will have to have credentials (students can also attend). For more info about what qualifies, how much tickets are, etc. check this page. Local 706 Union members get in free w/ union card.
Hope to see you at the show! Let me know if you’re going too.

Get Beauty Savvy!

Hey everyone…you’re invited to a very special event! I’m hosting my very first Savvy Living Community LIVE CHAT tomorrow at 5 pm PST! This is the kickoff chat in my series of Beauty Savvy live chats. I really hope you’ll join me! If you can’t make it, don’t worry – the Beauty Savvy Live Chats will be every other Tuesday. :) There are also going to be tons of fun live chats all throughout the month of June (and beyond!) so come check us out! We’re a fun bunch of savvy shoppers and bloggers.

Oh, and if you’re leery of joining another community, don’t worry – this one doesn’t send out spam. ;)

Beauty Bloggers for Charity Auction

If you haven’t heard of the Beauty Bloggers for Charity auction going on at, you need to get with it! This event is an amazing fundraiser where beauty bloggers and brands are coming together to raise funds for Doctors Without Borders (MSF). 
You see, donating beauty products is great (I do it all the time, otherwise I’d drown in the stuff!), but charities need cash more than anything else. So a collection of beauty bloggers and beauty brands have graciously donated some wonderful items to be auctioned off. 100% of the auction selling price goes right to charity. Those who donated items will be shipping the items to the winners as part of their donation. So if you bid, every penny goes to the cause.

The auction is live now and will end December 20th at 5pm CST. You will need to make an account in order to bid, but I’ve done it and it’s very painless, takes only a few seconds. Your screen name will be shown with your bid if you’re the winner, but all of your info is kept private so don’t worry about that. International bidders are welcome, of course!

Doctors Without Borders (aka MSF, which stands for the French name of the charity, Medicens sans Frontieres) is an organization that provides quality medical care all over the world for people in crisis, regardless of race, religion, or political affiliation. They currently operate in 65 countries world-wide.

I am very proud to announce that The Gloss Menagerie is participating in this event by donating a few items. In addition, I’ve made a donation privately to MSF this year as well. There are some really nice items up for bid, including limited edition/discontinued goodies!

Donations made by…

Make Up For Ever South Coast Plaza Boutique

I had the chance to check out the amazing Make Up For Ever boutique inside Sephora in South Coast Plaza (Costa Mesa, CA) before it opened to the public. They were literally still putting the finishing touches on things when I was there! The boutique is really like a chic geek’s dream. It combines fabulous makeup with technology and creativity! Check out these pictures…(you can click them to view them full size)

The concept behind the MUFE boutique was not just for shopping, but also for education and fun. Everything is very accessible and visitors are encouraged to play!

Lighted makeup stations for makeup lessons…

This part of the boutique was still being put together, but it’s probably the coolest part. This is the SmartBoard. Artists can put face charts up on here and use special markers to actually draw on the face chart. And then once the lesson is complete, they can email it to you from the board right then and there!
The table in front of the SmartBoard opens up to reveal a full palette of all of the MUFE eye shadows, and visitors are encouraged to swatch, play, and create their own palettes.
The boutique is also equipped with iPads that are ready to help you update any of your social networks such as Foursquare, Twitter, and Facebook right from the boutique! You can also quickly jump to How-To videos to teach you about MUFE products. 
Because of the large area, the MUFE boutique is able to actually carry the entire line of MUFE products. There were so many things I’d never seen before! And I just love the look of pristine, brand new testers don’t you?
If you need help figuring out what lipsticks might work best for you, there is a nifty shade selector that can help you choose based on your hair color and skin tone! You might need the help just because there are so many shades to choose from!
Did you know that MUFE also carries professional special effects makeup products? I didn’t! But if you need some fake blood, fake sweat, or even some sculptable fake skin, stop by the MUFE boutique! 
The boutique is incredible. A lot of careful thought and planning went into the concept. This is the third boutique of its kind to open this year. There are already concept store-within-store locations at Sephora Soho and Sephora Las Vegas. 
The boutiques are all staffed by trained MUFE artists who offer a full menu of mini makeup lessons. These lessons last about 20 minutes, and are $40 redeemable in product. Topics covered in these lessons include basic eye makeup application, a dramatic smoky eye tutorial, blemish correction and under eye concealing, and many more. I figure if you’re going to be shopping anyway, it’s a great opportunity to get some tips along with your new stuff. Even the most seasoned makeup artists know that the art is all about being on the cutting edge and constantly learning to perfect the craft.
I myself had the opportunity to get a mini makeup lesson with MUFE artist Cat. More on that in the next post!

Almost That Time Again: IMATS LA

Well everyone, it’s almost time for IMATS LA again! For those of you who don’t know, IMATS stands for International Makeup Artist Tradeshow, and the LA is because it’ll be in Los Angeles this coming June (the 26th and 27th). ;) There are other events in cities such as NYC, Vancouver, London, and more.

If you’re in the LA area and you want to buy tickets, they’re on sale for a discounted rate if you buy them early. You can do that here: and I highly suggest you do!

IMATS is open to the public, which means you do not have to have credentials such as a cosmetology license to attend. I think there’s also a discount rate for students? Check it out. I’m not a student, so I don’t know. :P

IMATS is in-freaking-credible if you have even just a passing interest in makeup and makeup artistry. Exhibitors from all different facets of the makeup industry show off their line, give sneak peeks at upcoming products, and offer special show discounts. It’s a great opportunity to learn about brands you have never heard of, meet people, and of course shop. But it doesn’t just stop at the exhibitors! IMATS also features demonstrations, seminars, classes, and student competitions! It’s fascinating, amazing, and unforgettable.

This year I will have a whole different unique experience at IMATS– as an exhibitor! I am going to be working the Purely Cosmetics booth along with Robyn (the Purely Cosmetics founder), Stephanie– the writer of Aquahearts Obsession, and Grace Chun (a local makeup artist). You may remember my past raves over Purely Cosmetics’ diamond finishing powder (buy this. it’s amazing.)…you should come by and check it out in person if you’re going to come to IMATS.

Now before anyone gets all up in arms about me working for a brand at IMATS, I’m a volunteer. I’m not getting paid to work at the booth. I’m doing this as a favor to Robyn because she is awesome and I love to support small business owners in California, especially in my favorite industry. Yes, that means I’ll get free admission. But you know what? I would have gotten in to IMATS anyway. It’s called a press pass. I would not volunteer to help a brand I thought sucked. The bottom line is Robyn’s line is really great and it’s a product I believe in. SO, with that out of the way, I don’t wanna see any whining about it, lol.

Hawt on Yelp Orange County

Hey all you local readers…if you’re in Orange County and you haven’t heard about Hawt on Yelp yet, where the heck have you been?

First of all, if you’re not even on Yelp yet, fix that now. It’s a site where people review businesses like restraunts, salons, stores, etc.

Then you can join in on the fun for Yelp’s Hawt on Yelp event! Hawt on Yelp is one week (November 2nd through the 8th) where participating salons are offering major discounts (up to 50% off!) on their services. Some of them have even come up with special event-only packages. All you have to do is call the salon and book your appointment before November 2nd, and mention Hawt on Yelp when you book so you can get the special rate.

Just a few notes I want to make sure to mention:

1. Appointments must be made in advance by calling the business and mentioning “Hawt on Yelp.” No walk-ins!
2. Please tip on the full price!
3. When you show up to your appointment, be sure to give the salon your name and email to be entered in the Hawt on Yelp raffle.
4. Review your experience!

Raffle? What’s this? Yes! Everyone who participates gets entered into a raffle. The winner gets a $100 gift certificate to the participating salon of their choice!

The businesses participating in Hawt on Yelp Orange County are:

Aura Beauty Spa (Irvine) | Dean Anthony (Long Beach) Holiday Salon (Costa Mesa) | Lux Aveda Salon/Spa (Fullerton/Anaheim) | Metro for Men (Irvine) | Montanya Spa (Santa Ana) | Pure Sole (Huntington Beach) | Salon Pop & Barber Shop (Long Beach) | Shanghai Salon (Costa Mesa) | Spa Sidney (Long Beach) | Splash Salon (Huntington Beach) | Splitends (Costa Mesa) | Surrender Salon (Long Beach) | The Brow & Skin Studio (Huntington Beach) | Total Body Care (Costa Mesa) | Tribeca Salon (Aliso Viejo)

See more details of the services and specials here! (pdf format)

Not in Orange County? There’s a Hawt on Yelp LA event too! Check that out too!

And if you’re not in So-Cal, check for events in your area. :)


I’m back from IMATS! I have a ton of emails and such to go through, but I just wanted to drop in and let you all know I’m back, and it was a blast. :) I watched some fascinating classes by Eve Pearl and Chantal Miller (MAC), and all sorts of goodies. And of course some shopping! And learning about products I’ve never heard of– one of my favorite things in the world. I’ll be updating a ton over the next few days with all the new stuff!


IMATS is Coming


The word (well, acronym) makes me squeal and clap with delight. It stands for International Makeup Artists Trade Show.
It’s pretty much mecca. There are classes, competitions, demonstrations, and of course shopping!!
IMATS is on the 20th and 21st of this month at the Pasadena Convention Center here in Cali. And The Gloss Menagerie will be there both days covering the event!
There are so many makeup artists I want to meet and brands I want to learn about, but I also want to meet you! If you are going to be at IMATS, let me know!
For more information (and to buy tickets!!!), visit this website.
The full list of exhibitors is huge (check it out) but some that I’m really excited to visit with are Auraline Beauty, Cinema Secrets, Eve Pearl, FACE atelier, KohGenDo USA, Kryolan, Lise Watier, MAC, MakeUp Forever, Senna, Shadow Shields, Temptu, Yaby, and sooo many others.

Your Shampoo Makes A Difference

Hey all you fellow product junkies. I have been cleaning out my apartment and coming across a lot of half-finished (or not even…sigh…) bottles of shampoo, lotion, body wash, facial cleanser, etc. I posted to my local chapter of Freecycle asking if anyone wanted the items and I heard from a woman who told me about this awesome cause she is collecting for.

The website is connecting soldiers to us over here in the states who want to help them out, even in a small way. Soldiers write in with what their units need or want, and you can request their address to send a care package. A lot of the female soldiers have no access or very limited access to things like good shampoo, conditioner, and lotion. Even simple necessities such as toothpaste, deodorant, and tampons are in high demand as well. And during down time there isn’t a whole lot to do, so books, magazines, and other fun girly items are much appreciated. Used items are acceptible to send as well.

I just crammed a bunch of stuff into a gift baggie to give to the sweetheart in my area who is collecting. I gathered up all my sample size lotions, toothpastes, and shampoos etc. I was surprised at all of the stuff I had lying around that these women could really use!

So, all of those lotions you have sitting around with a couple squirts missing? Send ’em on over– those gals deserve our support and they appreciate it so much. Even the act of sending mail reminds them that we’re back home thinking of them and appreciating all they do for our country.