Change is Gonna Come

Overlooking the beach at sunset – Encinitas, CA
I decided to put this picture I took of the horizon up here because it symbolizes the future, and the future of The Gloss Menagerie is changing. For the better! I have some projects & partnerships in the works that are going to be amazing – you will love them, I promise! I’m beyond excited to be taking this blog to the next level in its third year.
In the meantime, please bear with me. I have been rearranging the blog like crazy, and yes, there are new ads. Sorry if they’re annoying, but think of it as a means to an end. Or rather, a means to a food, and continuing to insure my car, lol. I’m always interested in your feedback if you think there is a better way to handle the advertising vs. not being annoying balance. 
There’s also…the toolbar. As a blogger, of course I have a pretty thick nerdy streak. I am definitely a nerd/geek at heart (there is a lot of debate as to whether I’m a nerd or a geek – comments? haha). When I discovered this nifty web tool I just freaked out. You can now translate my page into several languages without even reloading – um, cool! And bunches of other features I’m still playing with. 
So basically, my darling readers (I am not even being silly, I really cherish each and every one of you!), watch this space. Exciting things are coming! Sorry to be secretive, but until everything is finalized, I don’t want to jinx anything. 


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