Civic Duty Giveaway

Elections are more than just really annoying political ads. I know sometimes it’s a pain to vote because you don’t like ANYONE on the ballot, or are disgruntled by politics in general, but please do not stay home on election day. Get out to the polls and vote vote vote! As a reward to you, I’m having a little surprise giveaway. :)

This contest is limited to voters, in other words you have to be in the U.S. and be 18+. 

To enter… comment below with a link to a picture of your I Voted sticker! If you don’t want to link it here, feel free to email it to me with “I Voted!” in the subject line. You can also tweet your photo to me, but make sure you put @glossmenagerie in your tweet or I won’t see it! One entry per person.

If for some reason you voted but did not receive a sticker, get creative! Take a picture with someone wearing one, or use a sample ballot, etc. :)

I’ll accept entries until Midnight PST 11/3/10. I’ll choose at least one winner to receive a surprise treat. If I get a lot of responses I might randomly pick a few more. :)

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