CLEAN Anti-Bacterial Moisturizing Hand Cream

I’m a hand sanitizer addict. I love the stuff. I always have it around. I have it on my desk at work, in my purse, on the bedside table…you get the idea. Typically my anti-bac of choice is a Bath & Body Works pocket-bac because they’re small, inexpensive, and smell yummy. However, even though they claim to be moisturizing, I don’t really feel that they are. More like just “not drying”. Yes, they have anti-bac lotions, but those can be on the greasy side. I know, I know, Bath & Body Works devotees are shrieking at me right now. Sorry!
CLEAN’s new Anti-Bacterial hand cream is moisturizing as well as anti-bacterial. It has what’s called SafetyDerm technology, which gives you 4 hours of continuous protection against germs. That’s pretty nifty. If someone in your workplace is sick, or if you work with children, I could see that being really useful. The hand cream itself is pretty moisturizing, and feels nice on the hands. It sinks in quickly and is non-greasy, which I enjoy. I type a lot at my job. If my hands are greasy, that’s unpleasant. That and I’m just really OCD about having any sort of greasy or sticky feeling on my hands – it drives me NUTS. I’m the type of person who wipes their hands after every bite if I’m eating finger foods. But I digress. This hand cream absorbs quickly and does its job.
The fragrance is nonexistent. This is an unscented product. That doesn’t mean it has no scent – it smells like hand cream. I’m not wild about it. I know it’s probably best to have it be unscented but I think it would be really cool if it came out in yummy scents in the future. This is also $10 for an ounce. If it smelled great in addition to being a nice hand cream and antibacterial, I still would balk at the price. So, while I like this, I’m going to say it’s not a must have for me. If it sounds good to you, you can get it at Sephora.
EDIT: Ok I feel like a bit of a dummy but I have been informed that if you do like scented lotions, this actually does come in 3 fragrances: Original, Shower Fresh, and Ultimate, which I may or may not do reviews of in the future. I just wanted you to know that! :)
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