Clickr Skin Polishing Kit Review

I mentioned previously that I’d been trying out some new skincare goodies from ClickR, and I am finally ready to give you my review! ClickR is an all vegan skincare line formulated for younger skin. While I’m not a teen, I think at 25 I still qualify. I still have the “fun” challenges of teenage skin sometimes. I like the fact that the line isn’t enormous with 500 different things. As a product junkie that can get kind of overwhelming! The product offering is actually pretty small; they focus on quality vs. quantity. 
The products I’ve been using are ClickR’s three-step Skin Polishing Kit. What I immediately notice is it’s not your typical Cleanse-Tone-Moisturize 3-step process (a la Clinique and many others). It’s more like Cleanse-Treat-Treat Some More. But there isn’t the same harshness that something like ProActiv or AcneFree has either. Far from it. These products are formulated to be sensitive skin-friendly. 
The first product in the Skin Polishing Kit is the Pearl Wash. The Pearl Wash is ClickR’s basic cleanser (the other one is a daily microdermabrasion cleanser). It’s creamy with very tiny little scrub particles. I thought it would lather like crazy due to the texture, but it actually doesn’t lather as much as I thought it would. That is neither here nor there, just an observation. Overall I like the pearl wash. It feels nice and doesn’t leave my skin feeling stripped or tight, just clean. That’s what cleansers should do. It’s only on your face for like a minute anyway– don’t expect a cleanser to do calculus or voodoo! The actives in the Pearl Wash are tea tree oil and jojoba oil. Very nice.
After cleansing comes the Vanishing Mist, which is the product I was most intrigued by before I tried this kit. They say it’s a toner, but it’s really more of a treatment because it has salicylic acid in it to help rid your skin of any impurities deep down in your pores. I’m a fan. Other ingredients include aloe and cucumber. Here’s the thing with this product. The directions say to simply close your eyes and mist over your face. The first time I tried it I sprayed it on just like I would any other face spray like MAC Fix+ etc. Wrong. It dripped down my forehead and into my eyes and it stings like a mother-you-know-what when it gets in my eyes. Well! After doing this one or two more times in the process of testing out this product I have a better system. I spray my face in “zones”, using my hand to shield my eyes each time. I make sure to pat in the spray that mists my forehead right away to avoid dripping into my eyes. If you want to fuss with a cotton pad I’m sure applying it that way would work fine too, but I was determined to make this work, haha. I definitely notice a difference in the clarity of my skin when I use it, which is the only reason I put up with the fuss.
And finally, the third step in the kit is Diamond Dust Skin Polisher. Now, any of you who know about my love affair with Purely Cosmetics‘ Diamond Perfect Finish powder will probably be perking your ears at this one. This product is actually a serum (the name made me think it was some kind of scrubby thing). It contains actual diamond dust as well as a host of other good for your skin ingredients. 
My skin has been pretty darn clear since I started using this kit. I don’t use the whole thing every single day, but I can definitely see an improvement. The pictures I posted in my last entry with my birthday crown were taken sans makeup, and my skin looks pretty awesome if I do say so myself. I definitely think this kit had something to do with it! 
Something to keep in mind – this kit is not a fully comprehensive skincare regime. All skin needs a moisturizer. I kept using my current favorite (The Body Shop Vitamin E cream) moisturizer throughout this process, and remember the sunscreen! 

The ClickR Skin Polishing Kit retails for $60 at Sephora.
Product provided for editorial consideration.


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