Color Blocking Tips For Dummies & Scaredy Cats

Okay. So.


I have never claimed to be a fashion expert or anything, and if you ask Mr. Boyfriend I need help. But I like to learn by DOING, so I am a huge fan of trying out different things, seeing if they work on my body etc. I also blog about fashion for Caboodles, so I do have to educate myself on fashion for everyone…not just chubby little white girls. :D

ANYWAY. Unless you live under a rock (in which case– how’s your wireless?), you probably already know that color blocking is HUGE right now. Basically color blocking is just putting an outfit together that involves bright colors worn together. For those of you who are um… not fashion plates (*raises hand*) this can seem frightening. How do I wear multiple bright colors together?! OH NOES. Well, color blocking is a lot easier than you think. Really. Check out this example based loosely on what I wore yesterday:


Color Blocking

I like dresses because they are easy. You don’t have to figure out 2 or more pieces that go together, you just pick one awesome dress and put it on your body. The dress I wore is actually a shirt dress from Old Navy that I’ve had for a very long time, so it’s not available anymore. Instead I picked out this pretty blue dress from Dorothy Perkins just because I like the color and the color is very similar to my Old Navy Shirt dress.

My handbag is red.

Red handbag + blue dress = BAM! You is color blocked.
It’s that easy. Throw on a pair of neutral shoes and you’re good. But if you really want to amp it up, add an accessory in another bright color. In my example I chose  a bright yellow bracelet from Chain & Charm. Another good way to add a third color is with a sweater. I had an orange cardigan on hand yesterday but ended up not wearing it because I wasn’t cold.

So to simplify things a lot, easy color blocking is basically wearing an outfit where you’d normally switch handbags, but you don’t. It’s great for lazy people like me who like to carry a bag regardless of what I’m wearing that day. ;) Sure you could switch to a nice brown handbag and have a navy-brown-nude pump outfit that is completely fine, but with a couple easy tweaks you are ON TREND. Wow look at you, you’re such a fashionista. By the way, I hate the word fashionista.


MOAR Color Blocking

Also important to remember is once you’ve chosen your color blocking pieces, the rest of your pieces in your outfit should be neutral. For example, your shoes. If you’re wearing a yellow dress with orange tights, neutral shoes are the only thing that’s going to keep you from looking like a cartoon character. ;) You really can never ever go wrong with nude colored shoes.

I hope that was helpful for any of you who are either clueless or too scared to try it. It’s fun. Clothes are fun. :)


  1. These are fantastic tips!

    • Thanks Phyrra! Hope it was at least sorta helpful… :) 

  2. Kat says

    In theory I like the ideam, not sure about realistically.  What about people in their early 40s, are they too old for these trends?

  3. srachel11 says

    Wow. the color block looks awesome.. i loved the blue dress with red bag the most . definitely going to try this out….. :)

  4. Thanks for sharing useful information . it will help lot of people. i will visit your blog again and again to read more updates.

  5. Rachel says

    AH these tips were super helpful, even though I’m almost naturally color-blocked since I’m a ginger.
    I love how you showed nailpolish as a way to color block. I never thought of it that way!

  6. Labellafirenze says

    Simple and tasteful tips that look cute and stylish without being garish.

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