Cosmoprof North America 2013 RECAP


This past week I attended the biggest (easily) beauty trade show in my usual lineup: Cosmoprof North America. Literally hundreds of vendors from all over the world gathered together to meet with buyers, educators, salon distributors, and of course – ME. Well, the press, that is. I learned all sorts of cool stuff and got to know some new brands as well as some new to me brands…and I know all sorts of upcoming GOODIES about brands you already know and love. But guess what? I CAN’T TELL YOU. ;)

No seriously, a lot of the coolest stuff I learned is embargoed. In other words, I’m not allowed to tell you about it yet. Trust me, I want to! But if I do, that will piss off a lot of really nice people and make life harder for bloggers in the future. Womp womp.

There’s good news though…there are things I can totally tell you about, and I WILL! Some of the stuff I saw, I was able to post on Instagram and Twitter already…so if you haven’t checked those out, why the hell not? NAIL POLISH PICSPAM!!

For now, I will simply run down the list of amazingness that happened and that is to come:

  • I got to meet a bunch of super cool indie nail polish creators! Look out for reviews/swatches of polishes from the likes of Dandy Nails, Ninja Polish, Serum No. 5, and Red Dog Designs very soon.
  • I know everything coming up in the wonderful world of China Glaze. Some of it I am even allowed to share with you. ;) So definitely look out for THAT.
  • Speaking of China Glaze, THEY’RE DOING GEL NAILS and I can tell you all about them.
  • Speaking of GEL NAILS, I am going to learn how to do them thanks to the folks at Gelish, who generously gave me a mini lamp and some gel polishes etc. to play with so I can figure it out and tell you how it goes!
  • You know who else is going to launch gel nails? I CAN’T TELL YOU YET.
  • Have you tried Seche color yet? It has the same quick-dry technology of Seche Vite but in a quick, opaque color.
  • Layla’s PRO line of polishes (in fancy shmancy new bigger bottles with 15% more pigment) are HERE and they are AWESOME.
  • Seriously guys, so much polish. So many swatches to come. I came home with like 40 new polishes. So just uh, brace yourselves.
  • Ever tried Bain de Terre hair care? Me either until just a few days ago. And I love it! Review on that coming shortly.
  • WHAT is the big friggin deal with the “Wet Brush”? I wanted to know, so I got some one-on-one time with them to find out. I’m hooked, and you will have to stay tuned to find out just why.
  • What’s Essie got in store for their fall and holiday collections? MY LIPS ARE SEALED. But I will tell you they’re gorgeous.
  • Is there such a thing as a quieter hair dryer? Yes, apparently so. And soon I will be able to tell you just how it works.
  • There’s a brand out there that has developed a totally ingenious system of interchangeable palettes that will make your life easier – I will have them featured soon as well.
  • Who or what is Morgan Taylor? This mystery solved very soon.
  • I stopped at the LUSH inside Mandalay Bay and got some fun stuff. What did I get and how do I like it?
  • I got to meet a lot of super cool bloggers. Are they as cool in real life as they seem on their blogs? Oh yeaaaahhh. And then  some.
  • What the heck is a Swoon? Well don’t you want to know. I will tell you. Later.

ARE YOU EXCITED FOR THIS? Because I am. I’m just bursting at the seams with awesome things to talk to you guys about.

ALSO, I am starting to do more videos on Instagram. So if you don’t follow me there, you’ll be missing out. I figure with only 15 seconds to talk or show you something, I can’t possibly annoy you as much as some people get frustrated with youtube videos. You won’t have to see how many times I touch my hair or hear me say “um” if it’s just 15 seconds. Yeah? Yeah.

So my Cosmoprof-related posts are far from over. In fact, they’re just beginning. Because that’s how events like this work. I go, I fill my brain with all sorts of knowledge, get ideas, and then talk at you. So if you want to know more about one of the things I mentioned above, you’re in luck. Unless of course it’s one of those things I said I can’t tell you. Trust me though I will tell you as soon as I’m allowed. And you’re going to LOVE IT.

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