Crocs Adrina Flat Review

I’ve been rocking a couple pairs of cute new shoes this summer, and everyone I’ve shown them to has been blown away by one thing: they’re Crocs! Yes, Crocs. Fashionistas everywhere have made Crocs the butt of many jokes, and even fans often said they wore them despite their appearance and not because of it. The classic croc clogs (seen below) may indeed be super comfortable, but not exactly the most flattering or attractive silhouette.

But Crocs have come a long way since the classic clog! The latest styles from Crocs are finally pairing the undisputed comfort of Crocs with something my fashionista friends won’t disown me for wearing. 
80s throwback fashion has been popular lately, and the “jelly shoe” is back in full force. One of the pairs of Crocs I’ve been wearing, the Adrina Flat, is Crocs’ take on the retro jelly style.
I have the exact pair pictured above. The color combo is called Ultraviolet/Berry, and the color is extremely true to what you see online. Unlike a lot of my flats, they have a decent thick sole to them that offers a lot of support. The heel of the shoe feels like your heels are on a cloud. They’re so ridiculously comfortable. The Adrina Flat retails for $39.99, which I think is a great price for a versatile summer shoe you can run around and do errands in, and wear to the pool or beach all while looking adorable. They look really cute with jeans, or even dresses/skirts. For even more versatility, they also come in brown and black (and some other bright colors too!). 
These shoes are great for everyday activities. If you plan on walking a lot of extreme distance, I wouldn’t recommend these – I’d recommend an actual walking shoe. But for something comfy for a walk to the park with the dog or running around after kids? Perfect. The fact that the shoes are “plastic” (Crocs calls their proprietary material Crosslite – and it’s antimicrobial!) makes them easy for outdoor activities because they can get wet! If you get dirty or muddy, just hose them off! My other concern about wearing these was that due to them being a plastic-like material, would my feet sweat? It’s summer! It’s hot! It’s a valid concern. But I did not have any problems with these – I can’t say that about my old jellies from childhood! 
Overall, if you’re having any doubts about Crocs – get these. They’re so worth it! And don’t forget to use Ebates when you order for 5% cash back. ;) I’m dying to get my paws on the Leigh Wedge next!
Sample received for editorial purposes. Ebates link contains referral.


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