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Currently Crushing On is just what I’m currently interested in, both beauty-wise and not (because there’s more to me than makeup, haha). What are you currently enamored with? Here are mine…


Beauty “Crush” Wishlist

I’m totally crushing on these beauty products! Don’t be surprised if I run out and get some for my birthday, haha…

#1. Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette – Totally because of how pretty I’ve seen it look on the lovely Shae and Leesha on Youtube! I’m still not entirely sure that bronzer won’t pull orange on me, but the makeup adventurer in me wants to find out!

#2. China Glaze’ Sunsational Collection – Because uh hi, neon = yay! I missed out on this when it launched, but being that SoCal still has plenty of summery weather left, I think it’s not too late to go neon. I have the Jellies pictured, but the Cremes are of course gorgeous as well. Check out Polish Insomniac’s swatches of the cremes, and jellies.

#3. NARS Light Reflecting Powder (pressed) – I’m a NARS fangirl so when they launch something new I get all hot and bothered. Light Reflecting Powder looks like the answer to my quest to find something very light to set my foundation with that won’t look too mate and dusty on my dry skin, maybe…

#4. Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repairing Mask – I’ve already tried this. In fact, I’ve already almost finished my small tube. Hence my infatuation with the big mama size “bowl” of the stuff. Fun tidbit: did you know the design on the packaging is a hand-drawn original created for Macadamia? Pretty cool. ;)

#5. Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Mascara – I know, I know. A $30 mascara?! But so many people regard this as a holy grail mascara that I can’t help but keep it on my radar. I WILL get my paws on this someday, promise.

#6. Tarte Brow Mousse – I’ve never tried a mousse on my brows before, and the photos I’ve seen of this one look pretty nice, so why not? I love brows and I love trying new brow goodies. Even though I have several brow products I love, I can never get enough brow goodness.

#7. Tarte BB Primer Tinted Cream Magical Thingy – I don’t like long product names. But this product looks awesome, and looks like it might actually run light enough for moi! I love that it has broad spectrum SPF 30, too. I have had no luck with finding a sunscreen I really love, so maybe this can help.

People Crushes!

Money is tight, but we still have cable. So one thing I’ve been doing a lot of lately is watching tv. So it is no surprise I’ve found myself totally crushing on the likes of Cat Deely from So You Think You Can Dance – she’s beautiful, funny, and I love her style. How could I not have a total girl crush on this woman?

Outside the realm of girl crushes, oh hi there Liev Schreiber on Ray Donovan. Being avid Dexter fans, Mr. Boyfriend and I were intrigued by the ads for Ray Donovan (it comes on after Dex) and decided to try it out. We really like it so far. Some of that might have to do with the view, though. For me anyway. ;) Michael C. Hall ain’t too hard on the eyes either. But before you start jumping to conclusions that I only have tv crushes on bad boys, my main tv crush is Stephen Amell of Arrow, which isn’t on right now. One thing the CW is really good at is casting hunkalicious men. Wowza!

Tell me your current crushes!

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