Buying Polish Remover At CVS? Bring Your ID…


Heading out to spend some ExtraBucks on a new bottle of nail polish remover? Don’t forget your photo ID!

According to Fox LA, CVS stores will now begin carding (asking for ID) when you buy nail polish remover. The reason for this is that the main ingredient in the remover, acetone, is being used in the manufacture of methamphetamine. Apparently kids are huffing it too, which just blows my mind – that’s NASTY! I don’t expect CVS to make the distinction between regular nail polish remover and acetone free remover either, so either way be prepared to show your ID! They will also limit the amount you can buy at once, but unless you’re stocking up for yourself and 12 of your best friends it probably won’t affect you.

The new store policy comes after CVS had to pay out a huge settlement in a lawsuit involving their pseudoephedrine sales. As pretty much everyone knows, cold medicines containing PE are supposed to be heavily regulated, requiring ID and only sold in limited amounts to help crack down on people using it to make meth. Apparently CVS was not following the procedures correctly, and got slapped on the wrists to the tune of many millions of dollars. So while CVS says the new regulation on nail polish remover is to protect its customers, it’s fairly obvious this is to protect themselves from future lawsuits as well.

I’m curious to see how this goes, and if other drugstores and beauty supply shops start following suit and requiring the ID.


  1. susieqqq says

    I work at CVS and we have discontinued this as a company-wide policy. If a CVS is still doing this, it is by requirement of the state law, not the store.

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