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Sponsored (advertorial) posts are only accepted occasionally, but will be clearly labeled as such with a button that looks like this:

Press Samples and Free Services
The Gloss Menagerie does accept samples for review consideration. There is never a guaranty of a positive review of a product (in fact we do not even guaranty a product review will be posted, though we try to get to all of them eventually). Product (and service) reviews are always completely objective and honest. PR reps are not allowed to pre-approve content, and if they ask a less than favorable review be changed, the answer would always be no. The only time changes will be made to a post based on feedback from a PR rep or company employee is in the case of misinformation (such as incorrect ingredients). Any reviews that are the result of press sample products or services will be labeled as such, per FTC guidelines. Look for buttons that look like these:

Affiliate Links
The Gloss Menagerie utilizes Skimlinks, a system that creates affiliate links contextually on the site. There is a disclosure at the bottom of every blog post because this is an automated system, so these links may appear any time. I do not personally insert them. For more information about Skimlinks you may click the disclosure at the bottom of any blog post. If there are affiliate links that I did insert *other* than the Skimlinks ones, you will see a button that looks like this:

Personal Brand Affiliation
I am an employee of a fab marketing agency, and if I ever blog about one of our clients it will be of my own volition, not because of my work for the agency. Any blog posts about my clients will be labeled with a button that looks like this: