DIY Beauty

“So…you like to ‘do it yourself’?”
Do any of you have any “do it yourself” beauty tips? Homemade remedies you love? I am trying out a toner I made myself, and so far I’m really liking it…the smell needs some tweaking though, haha. But I may just deal with it. I’ll give out the recipe after a few more days; I just want to make sure it doesn’t cause a state of national emergency on my face before I go publishing it. ;)
One at-home tip I will share with you though is HONEY, honey! I have normal to oily skin but every once and a while I get some random dry patch. Sometimes it’s from blasting the hell out of a blemish but other times it just kind of appears one day just to say hi and to make my foundation look patchy just for fun. Nature’s way of keeping me on my toes, perhaps. The cure for this? Honey! I just grab the plastic bear-shaped bottle of honey out of the pantry and squirt out a pea sized amount and dab it on. I leave it there for oh, 15-20 minutes. Be careful, it DRIPS. Keep an eye on it! I will say it looks really goofy and cool if you’re using honey on say, your nose, and you can watch it slowly ooze down your face– it looks like your nose is melting off. :D But after the time has passed, I simply rinse it off with warm water. 9 times out of 10 my skin is softened, moisturized, and the dry patch is gone or at least significantly better. And I smell delicious.
So how about you? Do you like to do it yourself? Heh heh.


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