Do I Still Love It?

I’m going to go back to some of my older reviews and update you on whether or not I still feel the same way about the product now!

When I first tried this primer I thought it was decent. Not worth $25 but not bad. Whew my opinion changed when I tried to remove it. It burns. Bad. I took it right back to the store.
My review of the ped-egg made it sound like each time using it was a religious experience, and that this thing was the best thing to ever happen to feet. Well guess what? I still think so. If you’re prone to hard, cracked heels…this is your new best friend! Especially when I follow up with some Glowology The Balm. Ooohh. Love.
After using this several times I came to the conclusion that while it didn’t go on a bad color, it quickly became one after wearing for a while. I ended up giving this to a friend. I hope it works better for her than for me!
Well the honeymoon period is probably over, and guess what! We’re still in love. This ain’t no fly by night romance. This is the real thing. I still use this brush constantly, and still think everyone should own one. So go, buy one. Please? You’ll thank me.
Oh yes, I still really love this product. I use it almost daily on any spots I want to get rid of. I can definitely see instant results as this wonderful spot treatment lessens redness and irritation as soon as I apply it. I was skeptical of such a tiny little tube but I’m only half way through it and I’ve had it since March. When I do finish this I am definitely going to buy another tube, even at $36. Worth. Every. Penny.
There you have it! Any other product I’ve reviewed that you would like an update on? Let me know!

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