Do You Save Makeup Packaging?

I was just throwing away a handful of makeup packaging and I thought to myself “people who save the boxes would be freaking out right now”. Heehee, I have a sick sense of humor.

So do you keep makeup packaging? I only do if it’s an item of which I need to photograph the packaging, or if I’m not sure I like it and might return it. I know some places like Sephora will take returns/exchanges without all of the packaging but it’s much easier if you have it handy.

I know some people do keep packaging though, and so if you do, tell me why! :)


  1. I keep it for a little while. I don’t know why, because it takes up a ton of space in my cosmetics bag, but it’s a little quirk of mine.

  2. Canelayvanilla says

    I save packaging for about one month, then keep only the “special limited edition” packaging (like the MAC Hello Kitty, Wonder Woman, etc) because I collect those.

  3. I do…I need to stop, it’s overrunning my closet. I usually do til I know Ill be keeping it, esp with Nordstrom purchases, since it has the little sticker and my receipt might go missing, though I try to keep them with the package. 

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