Down memory lane with Hard Candy

I was really into painting my nails in junior high. I always had some wild combination of colors on my fingers. Anything from striping to a different color on each finger. You name it. One of my favorite birthday gifts of that era was a trio of Hard Candy polishes. I have since lost or discarded them (weep!) but they were beautiful colors! So when Hard Candy went 75% off, I was completely tempted. I am so thrilled with my order, too.

I ordered a Mini Nail Kit in “Delinquint”. It comes with 7 mini size nail polishes. They are mini (.17 oz) but plenty for a bunch of manicures. They come in a super cute metallic hot pink case, too! The colors are:

Angel – Champagne w/ gold & silver shimmer
Trailer Trash – Silver with silver shimmer
Earth – Beigey taupe with multicolored shimmer
Scam – Hot pink with silver shimmer
Stop – Bright red w/ red shimmer
Vinyl – Very dark purple-black
Vibe – Black w/ shimmer

I’m wearing Angel right now. It’s such a classic, go-with-everything mani but looks really elegant. It took 2 coats to get fully opaque coverage.

I also grabbed a full sized polish in Jailbait, which is pale lavender with pink and purple shimmer.

These polishes wear extremely well. Normally a manicure is chipped to hell on me by a week. It’s been a week since I did this mani with HC Angel and it looks pretty good still! There’s a couple teensy chips and the color is wearing off the tip of one nail but you have to really inspect my nails to notice.

As far as makeup goes, I didn’t have that much interest in Hard Candy’s offerings. However, Sweet Spot lipgloss caught my eye. They list the scent as “orange blossom”. Sounds yummy! So I picked up Sweet Spot gloss in Love Child, which received great reviews. It’s a my-lips-but-better nude shade, and the scent is everything I thought it would be and more. Orange blossom = sugary orangey goodness. I almost want to eat this lipgloss. I find myself opening it up just to smell it! It feels light but moisturizing on the lips. It’s thin/not too sticky for those of you who aren’t into sticky lips (I don’t mind them myself).

So all and all not bad, especially since I spent only $17!! Hard Candy is not 75% off anymore, but it is still 50% off, so check them out. :)

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