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Ha, sorry guys but this post is short and sweet. Just a few words on some products I’m trying out and how I’m liking them so far. More detailed reviews will be coming later. :)

There are some new favorites taking up residence in my shower these days. The most prominent of which is Alba Botanica Haircare. I’ve been trying out their new rainforest acai shampoo and conditioner and I realllllly like it. It’s one of the best natural options I’ve tried so far!

After getting the news of my job loss and feeling really crappy, Mr. Menagerie suggested I take a hot bath with a yummy bath bomb. I selected Moon’s Harvest Oatmeal, Milk, Honey Bath Bomb. This one smelled amazing and was super moisturizing, but kind of left a brown ring in the tub! Not cute. Oh well, it was pretty worth having to clean the tub a little bit. I felt thoroughly relaxed and rejuvenated after my bath. Not to mention my skin was supersoft.

Another newcomer to the Shower de Menagerie is Yardley Soap. I’m obsessed with anything almond scented, so I’ve been trying the oatmeal & almond scented soap. It smells heavenly and I just can’t stop sniffing it when I’m in the shower. There’s also a honeysuckle citrus scent that smells RIDICULOUS (and that’s a good thing by the way) that I look forward to using as well.

Makeup-wise lately I haven’t been trying much in the way of new things because I either haven’t been wearing makeup (I usually don’t wear any if I’m not leaving the house) or I’ve been reaching for tried & true things. The only occasions I’ve done a full face for lately were job interviews, and as I will also mention in an upcoming post, job interviews are no time to experiment! But there is one new product I’ve been using lately that I really like, and that’s NYX Bronzer in Daydream of Kauai. It’s a really great shade for pale girls. It kind of reminds me of my favorite bronzer TooFaced Chocolate Soleil. I haven’t swatched them together yet, but this looks like it could be a very decent cheaper alternative. Of course it doesn’t have the intoxicating chocolate scent, but I think I can let that slide. Afterall, I’ve been using the abundance of free time I have right now to do things like bake brownies.

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