E.L.F. – Cheap, but not all bad. + It’s on sale.

E.L.F. is having a B1GO or BOGO sale! Buy 1 item get the 2nd one 50% off on orders of $20 or more. The code is BOGO50. As far as I know this code is only good today.

All orders $20 or more get a free subscription to Glamour, too. It does work; I have already started receiving my magazine! :)

Now, let me tell you that even though E.L.F. is cheapo stuff, it’s not all bad at all. In fact some of it is pretty good. There are also some gift sets for the holiday sesason that might be fun for you or a friend. Here’s a list of what to try and what to skip from E.L.F. Anything that isn’t on either list is up for grabs because I have no strong opinion on it or haven’t tried the product.


Wet Gloss Brow/Lash Mascara – dude it’s $1 for brow gel. Doesn’t get much better than that.
Shimmering Facial Whip – smells yummy, great little shimmer highlighter
Custom Eyes – ok, I’m not a huge fan but some people really love their shadows. Bonus is they’re the same size as MAC so they fit into palettes.
Healthy Glow Bronzer – The luminance shade is a really pretty highlighter. Just beware that it’s kinda fragile!
Natural Radiance Blusher – Sweet shades that actually pack some pigment. They’re also yummy scented (sugar orange!).
Eyeshadow Brush – This brush freakin’ rocks. Just buy it. Buy ten.
Lip Brush – It’s kinda stiff and pointy which is good for defining the lips with glosses or slick lipsticks, and making sure you don’t “color outside the lines”.
Eyelash Curler – I love the ergonomic design and the thing actually fits my round eyes pretty nicely. Better fit than my Shu Uemura curler, but don’t tell it that.
Slanted Tweezers – I cannot rave about these enough. I have 3 pairs. I gave up my tweezermans for them. They are just THE. BEST.
Mineral Lipstick – These are lightweight, shiny, pretty colors! Really nice formula for something so cheap. I was pleasantly surprised.
Mineral Booster – A really decent tinted powder. I reviewed it earlier.
Empty Palettes – they fit MAC shadows
makeup bags – I have 2 as my travel bags. They’re wonderful.


Brightening Eyeliner (pencils) – Horribly hard formula that tugs @ eyes.
Earth/Water Mascara Duo – Ok a lot of cheap mascara is good. This isn’t one of them.
Eye Makeup Remover Pads – Made my eyes water, left a residue.
Clarifying Pressed Powder – I love the smell but it did nothing for me whatsoever. It claims to treat skin imperfections– with what? Look at the ingredients…it contains mineral oil!
Professional Travel Brush Kit – The quality of the powder brush was enough to make me angry and give the little set away. Glad it was free.

I am very interested to try some of their new products in their studio line, as well as more mineral items, the bath & body stuff, and their nourishing cuticle pen.


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