ELF Glitter Brush Review + Giveaway

I’m such a huge fan of ELF studio brushes, and I absolutely squealed with delight when I saw the new limited edition glitter handle set for holiday! If you click the photo below to view it full size, you’ll see a better view of the glitter handles.
The holiday set is the same as their regular 11-piece collection, but with cute glitter handles. The brushes included are:
Blush Brush – This has a great tapered shape, perfect for applying blush to the apples of the cheeks.
Powder Brush – I have sung the praises of this brush before. This is a dense, flat-topped brush that is perfect for full coverage foundation applications. I use it to apply MAC studio fix powder or mineralized skin finish natural. You could also use this for liquid foundation, or for blending blush or bronzer, there are lots of uses for this awesome brush.
Eyeshadow “C” Brush – This one gets a lot of raves but I hadn’t tried it until now. It’s a thick, short brush, great for blending. ELF says this brush can create a perfect smoky eye.
Small Smudge Brush – This tiny detail brush is perfect for placing color in the inner tear duct area or under the eye. You could also use it as an eyeliner brush.
Fan Brush – I usually hate fan brushes and don’t know what the heck to use them for, but this is actually a really nice fan brush. Many times they’re too floppy to really do anything with except brush aside eyeshadow fallout, but this one is firm enough to apply blush or highlighter with.
Angled Foundation Brush – This brush is an awesome take on traditional flat paddle-shaped foundation brushes. The angled shape allows for precision around areas like under the eyes or around the nose. Could also be used for applying facial masques or creme products.
Contour Brush – I love this domed, dense eye brush for blending crease colors, or adding depth to a look on the outer v. 
Complexion Brush – This is a traditional fluffy paddle-shaped powder brush. I use this brush for applying setting powders, or the ELF complexion perfection powder. 
Small Precision Brush – A tiny detail brush, with a more pointed end than the small smudge brush. This brush would actually function really well as a lip brush, too
Small Angled Brush – Not a whole lot of explanation here. Just a typical angled brush, good for liner, or actually as I prefer it, for brows.
Concealer Brush (not pictured) – Also a pretty typical concealer brush, though its shape would also lend itself well to applying cream eye shadows. 
The whole thing comes in a nylon, water-resistant case. Because some of the brushes are small, there is room to tuck extra brushes into the case if you needed to, but the brushes included here are pretty comprehensive. I could perhaps have done without the small precision or smudge brush and used a fluffy blending brush for eyes, but seeing as how almost all other kits come with them, I already have several. :) As to the glitter handles, the glitter is within the plastic itself, not glued onto the handles. In other words, it won’t flake off or anything. If you have any of the MAC Hello Kitty collection with glitter packaging, it’s like that. The ELF studio glitter brush set would make a great gift for both makeup beginners or junkies– anyone who loves glitter!
Thanks to all who participated in the brush set giveaway! The winner of the brush set has been contacted. Additionally, 2 more winners were selected to receive BONUS prizes! Thanks for making my giveaway such a success. :)
Samples provided for review consideration and giveaway prize.


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