Enkore Makeup Deep Conditioning Brush Soap Review


I didn’t go to IMATS LA to buy a brush soap. In fact, I didn’t know this was even a thing until I met up with Mai from Portrait of Mai and we were talking about stuff she bought/wanted to buy at IMATS. The minute I saw this I knew it had to come home with me…

I love the idea of a bar of soap for washing my makeup brushes. The only one I’d seen before was the one from Becca, but I remember thinking that $15 for a brush soap was pricey as heck. The incarnation by Enkore is $6, and was only $5 at IMATS. Sold! What makes this brush soap so special is that the bottom of the soap has a loofah on it for scrubbing your little brushes until they gleam (or until you get all that nasty foundation outta the bristles, whichevs). Ingredients include argan oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, maracuja oil, and jojoba oil – all fabulous for conditioning those bristles! There are also a ton of scents including gardenia, apricot freesia, lavender, rose, lemon, melon, and more. And yes, it comes in unscented too.

Unscented was sold out by the time I made my way over to Koren’s booth, so I sniff tested all of the scents he had with him. I was surprised to really love the gardenia scent. It’s funny, he said he was surprised to love it too. I’m not really a floral scent person (neither is he, he says) but the gardenia fragrance is really nice. The color of the soap itself is green (a little paler than in the photo).

So how does it perform? AWESOMELY. Seriously, GO BUY THIS. My brushes are so soft, and so CLEAN after using this soap. I’d all but given up hope on my MAC 217 brushes, particularly the older one. They’re white goat hair but had turned very dingy brown even with washing. This soap makes them white again! Loves it! The brush soap leaves no residue and rinses quickly, leaving my brushes clean and smelling nice. The scent doesn’t linger heavily on the brushes but it is there. If you’re sensitive you can always go for the unscented version.

My only ‘complaint’ about the soap at first was that it comes wrapped in paper with no little tin or dish to store it in. However, Koren tweeted me that this is the soft launch and that when they launch “fo realz” they will come in a container. Problem solved. For now I just keep mine in a teeny little plastic food container.

Also, for those of you who may recall my ecstatic post about Cinema Secrets brush cleaner from last summer, I do still use this! I use the Cinema Secrets brush cleaner for spot cleaning while this brush soap is good for deep cleansing/shampooing.


Enkore’s Deep Conditioning Brush Soap is available for $6 from Enkore’s website. I purchased mine with my own money and will likely buy other scents too just for fun.

p.s. Take a peek at Mai’s review of this soap too. She has some good packaging photos. I uh, got so excited to use mine that I ripped off the packaging and used it before I could take some nice photos. She is more patient than I am. ;)


  1. Hmmm….NEED.

  2. Mai says

    Oh man, you have to smell the Apricot Freesia soap. I don’t think it was there at IMATS but I smelled it at ISSE and it totally beats Gardenia

    • Alyson says

      Crap, I somehow didn’t see it at ISSE…then again there are a gajillion things to see and smell there LOL! Well I will check it out at TMSLA for SURE then. Hope he brings that scent lol…I love apricot and freesia.

      Thanks so much for turning me on to this stuff!!!!

      • Mai says

        I’m glad he had more than one Gardenia at IMATS, I wouldn’t have liked to have a throwdown for the last soap!

  3. Love the idea of this brush soap! Ha Ha. This way I can make my makeup brush cleaner than before! Will definitely buy this stuff! Oh, and I love the fact that it comes with a scent! I like to have the lavender or a rose scent. Hmmm.

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