Fabulous Fashion Find – At Payless!

I don’t post fashion-related posts very much. Mostly this is because I do not in any way consider myself a fashionista, and there are gazillions of blogs devoted to fashion that could do it much better than I can!

Recently I was trolling the aisles of Payless with my mom. She finally wore her faithful black sandals into the ground, and with some gentle prodding (*ahem* my stepdad grabbed the shoes and literally threw them out into the yard) was convinced it was time for new shoes. Being that Payless has BOGO (buy one get one half off) right now, Mom scored! She got 3 pairs of shoes. If you’re interested, she got these (in both colors) and these. Since she got an odd number of pairs, she treated me to pick out a pair since they would be half off.

Payless has a ton of cute flats right now. I was there hunting for heels, but the inexpensive comfy flats won me over in the end (hence why I have so few heels– this happens a lot!). I wound up taking home their Audrey flat from the American Eagle line (one of Payless’ house brands). Online they are listed at $19.99 and available in fewer colors. In the store, they’re $10! So my cute pair of flats ended up breaking the bank at just $5 after BOGO discount. I chose blue, which I don’t see online. They’re absurdly comfortable, a great color, and just all around cute! I have other colors on my radar because I’m one of those people who buys multiples in many colors when I find something I love. I really have my eye on the purple and black! Doing the quick math, buying both purple and black would set me back $15 + tax after BOGO. Dude. 

Do you shop at Payless? What budget-friendly fashion finds have YOU discovered lately? I want to know! :)
Shoes awesomely provided by my mommy! :)

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