FACE Atelier Zero Minus

FACE Atelier’s Ultra Foundation Pro in Zero Minus is my new secret weapon in my vast stash of complexion products. Their foundation itself is a dreamy formula, chock full of imperfection-smoothing silicones. Zero Minus is the pure white shade of this foundation.

I have a few foundations that more or less match but aren’t 100% perfect. All I need to do is add a drop of this stuff to the usual amount of foundation I use to do my face and I’ve corrected the color to be light enough for me! If you run into this problem, or finding yourself getting pale in winter and don’t want to need to keep 2 foundations around, just pick up this little beauty. It’s $30 for a small bottle (yikes, I know…) but since you only need to use about a drop every time, it should last for ages.
For those of you who aren’t familiar with FACE Atelier, it’s a Canada-based brand and not available in very many retail locations here in the US. Here’s a list of stores from their website. The line is designed with the professional makeup artist in mind, and all of the products are very high quality. Another thing I love is their swatches are VERY true to life. I have seen the products in person and the swatches on their site are some of the best! Yes, the eyeshadow pans are the same size as MAC. ;)

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