February Favorites

febfavesThis time when I say the month flew by, nobody can judge me because it’s February so it’s a short month – it really DOES fly by. ;) Also, nobody can judge me because that shit’s just mean. :(

SO! Favorites! For the month of February! Since I was mostly unpacking and organizing my makeup office I didn’t mix it up too much makeup-wise, so a couple of these are repeats because I just reached for standards. But that should tell you something, that they weren’t just a monthly favorite but a long-standing favorite I reach for continually! Or you’ll get bored of reading about the same products again. Whichevs.


I tried out a new mascara and really liked it! Buxom Lash (Sephora, $19! This was another discovery made via the Sephora Lash Stash. I think, someday, I might actually purchase a full size of this. I have so many mascaras to get through though that it probably won’t be any time soon. I like that it’s REALLY REALLY super black and very volumizing. It doesn’t flake all over the place either.

I also tried the Dior Maximizer lash primer thingy back in January and hated it (irritated the hell out of my eyes), and when researching primers to try instead I came across this sample of Tarte MultiplEYE (Sephora, $22). It was one of the goodies included in the lash stash as well, so I decided to give it a whirl. WAY better than the Dior, and a few bucks cheaper. Score! It helps lengthen and conditions my lashes so I lose fewer of them when I’m removing eye makeup. I don’t wear it every day, but just when I want a little extra oomf.

Who knew way back when that Urban Decay would eventually become a go-to for awesome neutrals? I didn’t see that one coming. But lately my go-to has been the Naked Basics eye palette ($27, Sephora). It’s really easy to take the shade Naked 2 all over the lid, a little Foxy to contour the shape of the eye, and either Walk of Shame or Vapour to highlight and boom! Done. Then you can line with the black shadow and add mascara in a hurry. Fool-proof.


I’m a total freak about lipstuff. I have at least 8 lip products in my purse right now. And the one I reach for the MOST of any of those is NARS Lip Gloss in Giza ($25, Sephora). I love my NARS lip glosses like babies but Giza is my favorite (shhh don’t tell the others!). It’s a simple peachy gloss that goes with everything. It’s moisturizing and non-sticky, too. I’m going to call it right now, I will end up using up and repurchasing this gloss mark my words.


Here’s the other repeat performance in the favorites post – NARS Luster blush ($28, Sephora). Simply the perfect golden, peachy, glorious color to add a little warmth and dimension to the face – not to mention a beautiful sheen. Prior to trying it I was skeptical that I could rock this color, but it’s one of my most used blushes. It goes with everything too. Orgasm might be NARS’ best selling blush, but I think everyone should own Luster.


I feel bad for not singing the praises of this perfume sooner because I’ve had it for months and I really adore it, but I’m obsessed with Michael Kors Gold Rose ($78, Nordstrom). It’s just such a rich, warm, sweet, luxurious fragrance. It’s a pink cashmere sweater in a bottle. But no musk/woods crap. Just cozy sweet rose. It’s very romantic. Just go smell it. You’ll fall in love like I did!


ERMAGERD MURNUR URRRRL!!! In other words, OMFG MONOI OIL. Body Drench’s Tahitian Monoi Oil ($7.49, Sally Beautybody lotion is HEAVENLY. It smells f’ing amazing – so tropical and fruity without being obnoxious. It’s a vacation in a bottle. And very moisturizing too. Since it’s so affordable, you can afford to slather it ALL OVER yourself all the time and just bask in the deliciousness all while giving yourself moisturized glowing skin.

So that does it for my beauty favorites this month. Besides beauty stuff, other favorites of mine have been Starbucks Blonde Roast (MMMMMMM so good) and oddly enough, orange juice. OJ might not seem weird except that normally I won’t drink orange juice for love or money. I get weird food cravings around TOTM and this month it was OJ, and it totally stuck with me all month. Florida Natural with pulp is my life right now. I don’t understand. Which leads me to a question for all of you!

Is there a common food that you hate that it seems everyone else loves? 

I love hearing about other people’s weird food quirks haha. Besides OJ, I also can’t stand red vines. I won’t even let Mr. Boyfriend kiss me after he’s eaten one. Can’t. Handle. It.


  1. Joanna says

    I love the Michael Kors Gold fragrance very nice. I can’t stand Okra to slimy.

  2. I REALLY wanna try the Tahitian Monoi. I’m a big fan of tropical scents and I like things that let me forget about the crappy weather in my neck of the woods!

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