First Impressions: Tan Towel

This is just a very quick, first impressions type deal for the Tan Towel self tanning wipes. I’m warming up to the idea of tanning lately, just for fun, because hey it’s summer and why the hell not. 
First let me start off by saying that I’m definitely a tanning novice. I thought the Tan Towels would be a great way to start since they seem so simple to apply. Well apparently even though they are quite simple, I’m also still a Tan Noob, and I screwed it up! I think these have the potential to be totally awesome and I’m not done trying them out. I want to really give them another shot. :)
Pre-Tanning Prep: I prepped for tanning by exfoliating really well. I used a Bath & Body Works scrub that is discontinued but scrubs extremely well. Then I shaved my legs. After the shower I made sure my legs were completely dry before starting the tanning process.
Using the Tan Towels is really simple – simply rip open the individually packaged towelette, and apply it to your skin in a circular motion. I used a Half Body towelette and it was plenty to do my legs and a little on the decolletes area (basically the areas that are the most pale for me). The towelettes have a slight citrusy smell that I didn’t find bothersome at all. My legs felt dry to the touch almost instantly after using, which was awesome. I still waited a while before putting clothes on though, just to be sure. Your tan is supposed to develop over the next few hours, but as I discovered this morning, there was still “magic” going on even over night, many hours after I applied the tanner. 
A few hours after application, I was in LOVE. There were no streaks, and the color was just a shade or 2 darker – all I’d wanted was to make my legs match my arms, and it accomplished this. SUPER. I was really excited to give these a rave review! 
Then I woke up this morning, and my hands were brown. I washed my hands immediately after applying the tanning wipe, just as instructed, so I really have no idea why this happened. My hands were fine for hours and hours… then all of a sudden I woke up with crazy brown hands. My legs aren’t as awesome as they were yesterday either. My left leg is darker than my right, for one, and there’s a pretty heavy line of demarkation at my ankle on the left leg. 
I didn’t really know what to do so I used some nail polish remover on my hands, which got most of the tanner off. I swiped a little bit around my ankle too which did seem to soften the demarkation line quite a bit. The actual color itself is still very good. It’s very golden and not orange in the slightest. 
I’m not quite sure why my hands got all brown, but I’m definitely going to give this a second shot with some gloves on, because the color is really nice. I’m going to pay more attention to exactly how much I wipe on each leg, too. 
I don’t want you guys to think that these suck because my first experience was less than perfect. I’m a noob. I’m not discouraged. I’m going to try to work with them some more, and I do recommend them just because they’re so flipping easy and non messy to apply.
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