Flirt Lash-a-delic Mascara

Okay people…run, don’t walk, to the nearest Kohls and get Flirt Lash-a-delic mascara. Actually, you should probably drive. Much faster.

Flirt Lash-a-delic mascara utilizes that super cool “beauty tube” technology. To remove the mascara, just use warm water. Comes right off. But makeup remover, water, tears, etc. don’t make it budge one bit. This stuff will not smear or flake. And the effect? GORGEOUS. Huge, defined, volumized lashes. I’ve been wearing the Groovy Blue shade pretty much nonstop since I got to try this out last month. I haven’t experienced any irritation or problems. In addition to blue it comes in Boogie Brown and Mod Black. The retail price is $14, but right now it’s on sale for $11.90, so it’s the perfect time to buy it. :) I am wearing the Mod Black shade in the photos from my Kohls makeover. Remember this?

Yeah. Go. Get it. It’s awesome, and you need to try it.

Unfortunately, this mascara is limited edition so go get yours!

There are also 3 beautiful eyeshadow palettes in corresponding colors to the mascara colors. The Boogie Brown palette has become a staple in my makeup collection already! More about those later. ;)


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