Frederic Fekkai Has Everything You Need For Wavy Summer Hair

Summer hair, when it doesn’t involve you just putting it up in a messy bun or ponytail, is all about the loose, beachy waves. The idea is to look naturally unkempt and casually sexy and wind-tousled like you didn’t have to move a muscle to achieve the look (the beach did it for you, duh!). Of course, we all know that the whole “not trying” look often tend to require the most effort, ironically enough, and despite the slew of products designed to help you get the style, beachy waves are often easier said than done. While visiting the beach and getting that authentic sea-swept style for real would be the ideal way to start your daily morning routine, I prefer to save the time (and all that sand in your hair – yuck!) with a wave-activating product that actually does the trick! Well, leave it to Frederic Fekkai to do us one better (well, three to be exact) with his Marine Summer Hair Collection — a full four-piece series of products you can use all season long (and beyond!) to help achieve and maintain that quintessential surfer-gal ‘do. Including everything from shampoo and conditioner (designed to help hair detox from heavy product usage and natural summer environmental stress) to wavy styling mist and anti-frizz gloss, you’ve got yourself everything you need to achieve wavy yet smooth, clean yet styled, beachy hair!

– Alex Gambardella for The Find

This has been a guest post by our partners at TheFind.

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