Free Shipping at MAC & discontinued products

Code for free shipping on any MAC order: GOODBYES

The code is promoting their Goodbyes section where they tell you which products are discontinued. For your reference, here is the link. It seems several shades of Matte2 shadows are being discontinued. Some say these are now going to be only available at pro stores. Luckily for me, my nearest MAC store is a pro store.

All of the brow shaders and brow finishers are being discontinued…that is kinda weird. I wonder if those are going to be pro-only now? Kind of odd.

Lipsticks being discontinued (that weren’t Limited Edition) are:
Dangerously Hot

The rest of the lipsticks being discontinued were part of collections.

If you’re curious about what else is being discontinued, go check it out! I’m thinking of picking up Eager and Profusion as they were on my wishlist and I don’t want to miss out!

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