Freshen Up Follicles In A Flash With These Hair Fragrances!

If you thought hair sunscreen was weird, then get ready to have your mind blown by yet another beauty buy made specifically for pampering your ‘do: hair fragrance. Yes, you can buy perfume specifically for your hair. Sound excessive? Hear me out: busy gals don’t always have the time to give their coifs the full wash-dry-style treatment on the daily (especially if they were “blessed” with high-maintenance hair that doesn’t conveniently air-dry to perfection on its own), plus daily shampooing can totally dry out already-coarse hair. So if you’re like me and usually have to opt for the every-other-day updo, messy ponytail, or dry shampoo, it’s still nice to know that your hair actual smells clean and shower-fresh, even if you skipped the thorough washing regime for the day. Go for something sweet and fun, like Aquolina’s Pink Sugar Hair Perfume or the citrusy Cake Beauty Satin Sugar Refreshing Hair Mist. Or, to give you an excuse to indulge in your designer fragrance fetish, Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb scent is available in the form of Hair Mist!

– Alex Gambardella for TheFind
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