Fun with Facials

I’m at home from work today and having a bit of fun with facials. Right now I have DDF Sulphur Mask on my t-zone, particularly on my chin where the pores are a bit clogged up right now. The DDF mask has a really strong smell that might bother some but I’m weird; I actually like how it smells. It’s minty but also sulphury of course.

I have a bit of an arsenal of masks. I love them so much. It’s a quick way to make your face feel fabulous. And the best part is (aside from the DDF) they are inexpensive. My favorite brands are mark. by Avon and got2be. Unfortunately mark. has discontinued all of the masks that I love so dearly, but I hope that with their new skincare launch next month, new ones are soon to follow. They’re not in the collection so far, but I can only assume they will be creating new ones eventually since the old ones are so wonderful. Here are the ones I own:

  • DDF Sulphur Mask (purifying/drying)
  • got2be Pure Intent clay mask (purifying)
  • got2be Mo’ Moisture honey gel mask (moisturizing)
  • got2be All Mashed Up banana oatmeal mask (moisturizing/soothing)
  • mark. Clearing Trend Decongesting Scrub Mask (unclogs pores/physical exfoliant)
  • mark. Healthy Shots Brightening Tomato Mini Peel (evening skin tone)
  • mark. Healthy Shots Hydrating Carrot Mask (moisturizing)
  • mark. Healthy Shots Lemon Mini Peel (purifying)
  • mark. Healthy Shots Balancing Cucumber Mask (restores balance much like a toner)

A much-loved mask out there is the Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask. It is also a sulphur-based mask. I really didn’t care for it. I found it way too drying on my sensitive skin. You have to be careful about how you treat oil and blemishes; zapping them with something that dries them out like crazy might seem good in the short-term but in the long-term it just exacerbates the problem. Inflammation and irritation will be increased, making your skin look even worse.

Many people who deal with the annoyance of oily skin are tempted to do whatever they can to dry out their oilies. They think “mattify, mattify, mattify!” but forget about moisture. Even oily skin needs moisture. In fact, many with oily skin actually have skin that is so deprived of moisture that the sebaceous glands on the skin’s surface turned to over-producing oil in order to compensate. That is why even though my skin is normal to oily, I have several hydrating/soothing masks. If I don’t have time to follow a purifying mask with a soothing mask, I at least swipe over my face with a no-alcohol (alcohol is drying) toner.

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