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I used to be a huge fan of Adam Carolla’s radio show on Free FM out here in so-cal until Free FM went away and was replaced by a Top 40 station.

What does this have to do with Billion Dollar Brows? Everything. That’s where I first heard of them. They appeared on his radio show to wax his major unibrow. You can even listen to the audio of the show at BDB’s website (highly recommended– hilarious!). Billion Dollar Brows is a California-based company and brow salon with their own unique product line.

For a long time I just kind of tucked the knowledge away. Then I saw BDB at this past year’s IMATS LA. I went over to investigate. I actually sat in their demo chair, so if you were there on the first day, you might have seen me sitting up there getting my brows did. I hope not though, because my hair was a godawful mess!! :P Either way, I was immediately impressed. I’m always skeptical when someone says “most people will use X color”. Almost all brow powders look too red on me and don’t match, and since my brows use a bit of filling, it looks really patchy and fake. However, I could see that taupe was a great match.

I learned a new technique, too. My brow artist taught me that when you fill your brows, you should start with the center of your brow at the arch when the product is fresh on the brush because that’s where your brows are naturally the thickest (or should be anyway, hehe), and then fill in the front bit with whatever’s left on your brush so it doesn’t look too harsh. It was like I had a brow enlightenment. Instead of shaping my brows from the front and then scribbling my arch somewhere in there and having it look wonky, I now do the arch first. Putting the arch in first makes figuring out where the rest goes much easier!
In case you’re wondering, yes, I was sent BDB products to try, but I wouldn’t have even wanted them if I hadn’t already experienced that brow makeover at IMATS. I’ve been using the brow powder for a few months now, along with their spiffy brow brush seen here:
The combination of this brush and the brow powder plus a tiny smidgeon of brow gel is pretty magical. In fact, I hate to say it, but I’ve barely touched my Shu Uemura brow pencil since I got this stuff. Yeah, seriously. I mean no one has sung the praises of Shu’s brow pencil more than I have, and yet this brow powder lead me astray in about a day. 
I did receive BDB’s brow gel, but while it works pretty well it’s not quite as good as Anastasia’s. However, Anastasia’s is $21. For brow gel. Um, right. The tube I have I got at some ridiculous discount when Bliss was having a major sale. It’s not something I’d normally spend any amount of money on. In fact, BDB’s brow gel is $12 and I probably wouldn’t pay that either. Anastasia’s brow gel is damn awesome. Your brows won’t budge. But $21. Not sure I can justify.
So, do you need this? The brow powder abso-freaking-lutely. It’s $16, and it will last you ages and ages. I mean I use mine every single day and there’s the slightest little dip in it in the middle and that’s all. The brush? It’s great, but if you already have a brow brush you like, maybe not. The brow gel? Honestly, just use clear mascara, or spritz a tiny bit of hair spray on a spoolie brush and brush it through your brows. If someone offers you a free tube of brow gel by all means go for it, but it’s definitely not a product anyone needs to splurge on. 
Oh, and here’s what the brow powder looks like on:


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