Get Naked with LUSH!

Ahh, LUSH. You’ve done it again. If I had actually shopped every time something from your multicolored wares caught my eye…

I just saw this new set that would be great for both Lushies and LUSH newbies (like myself) alike, and wanted to share it with you! Introducing the Get Naked kit. For only $20, you can get some of LUSH’s best-selling products.

6 products for $20! In a biodegradable, earth-friendly box. The products included are:
– Mini Squeaky Green shampoo bar
– Mini Buffy body butter
– Mini Therapy massage bar
– Sexy Peel soap
– your choice of Toner Tab (Vitamin E, Q10, T-Tree, or Vitamin C)
– your choice of either Fresh Farmacy or Coalface cleansers
The kit is limited edition, so if this tickles your fancy you should get over to LUSH asap and grab one!

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