Get This Look: NYFW SS12 Preen

As part of my new job working for Stylebell, I’ve been furiously going over releases about the hair styles of Fashion Week recently. But when this look from the Preen show came across my desk, I couldn’t stop staring at the makeup. It’s absolutely gorgeous, even though it’s really simple. Since I can’t get it off my mind, I thought I’d give you my take on how to achieve this makeup look!

After applying moisturizer, prep your skin with your usual primer if you use one. Apply as little foundation as you can get away with – if you can skip it and just wear tinted moisturizer and a little concealer, that would be best. Set with any translucent powder. Some natural shine is intended in this look. If you have freckles or even gasp some flaws, don’t worry about covering everything up. Applying a mask of foundation and heavy concealer defeats the purpose of this easy-breezy look. Optional – Add a pinch of matte bronzer to your cheeks and temples.

Fill in and groom brows as you normally would. However, if you normally have quite severe brows you might want to lighten up as the eyes are not the focus of this look. Apply a black mascara that is enough to give you definition but isn’t super dramatic. Optional – dust a very light amount of an eyeshadow just slightly darker than your skin in the crease to contour your eyes.

For that gorgeous orange/coral dewy cheek, I recommend a cream or gel blush. Something like Urban Decay Afterglow Cheek Tint in Bang (or Indecent if you’re quite fair like me/this model), Tarte Cheek Stain in Tipsy, or Stila Convertible Color in Gladiola would be ideal options. In a pinch, a dab of a lipstick in that color blended onto the cheeks can be used as well.

Very similar to the cheek color, the lip is a sheer, candy-like orange coral. NYX Mega Shine gloss in Pop is perfect for the occasion. Naturally mine is MIA at the moment though so I used MAC Spring Bean lustreglass over a pinky coral balm (the green/gold of Spring Bean warmed up the balm perfectly).
Here’s my version of the look (on me) that I threw together in about five minutes (and mostly used my fingers, haha)…
If you decide to try it, let me know and show me! :) And to learn how to do this look’s hair style, check out the how-to on Stylebell!


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