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I got a new hair cut. I colored it a little while ago and I love it. I wanted a super dark rich lustrous brunette. I went with Revlon Colorsilk in Black-Brown. It’s under $5, and I’m in love. My hair is naturally a medium-dark brown, sorta boring. I usually add some red to it, but this time I wanted something really brown.

My hair is a little past my shoulders, naturally kinda wavy, and fine. However, I have a ton of it. I usually tell whoever is doing my hair to go to town with the thinning shears and take as much of the weight out as possible. The bulk was getting really hot as summer hits so-cal, and I wanted a change. I didn’t think my natural center part and no bangs were doing my face shape any favors, so I wanted an edgier, more fashion-forward style.

Previous Color:

New Color:

(Gotta love the crypt keeper-like dark circles under my eyes, no? I LOVE office lighting…ugh…)

New Cut:

It’s kinda hard to see in this photo but the majority of the length is actually still there, it’s just been super layered and texturized. And a saucy new fringe! My hair stylist is a goddess.

If you’re in or around Orange County, CA and you want to get your hair done by a rockin’ stylist you have got to see Stephanie at Salon Victoria in Irvine. Her prices are fair (women’s cuts start at $55) and although I did my color on my own this time, Steph is also a total genius when it comes to color, especially highlights. And, to top it all off she is a very sweet person!

For more information, a full price list, and pictures of hair she’s done, check out her myspace page.

Love it!!


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